Kevin works as a developer who had been working extensively with Ruby on Rails since 2012. Currently, he is working on several on-going projects with several clients based in the United States.

Beside Ruby on Rails, his experiences and skill sets are . . .

  • Build AMP pages from existing HTML pages of a Ruby on Rails application.
  • Shopify liquid template customization.
  • Rspec combined with Capybara and Selenium to automate the integration testing.
  • RVM and rbenv. Those two were his favorite ruby management tools, especially RVM.
  • Capistrano for deployment.
  • PHP both native and using framework like CakePHP, Zend, or PHPFox.
  • WordPress customization. Both themes and plugins.
  • JavaScript and jQuery.
  • AWS Management: EC2, S3, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, and others. Both setting up and operate.
  • Heroku and their awesome add-ons. One of his favorite.
  • Digital Ocean droplets set up and operation.
  • HTML and CSS, along with Bootstrap framework from version 2 until 4.
  • Working on UNIX environment, especially Ubuntu. Used to work with OSX too.
  • Working with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Though had a chance to work with MongoDB a little bit.
  • Working with Git version control. Bitbucket and Github are one of his closest allies.
  • Though he used to work with SVN too, in the old times. In fact, he is still using this for publishing some simple plugins on WordPress.org

His plate is full now. Unfortunately, he did not have an idea how long he can accept a new project.

In his spare time, which is very rare, he loves to write his tracing or debugging experience on his notes. However, that would not be limited to those technical stuff.

He also pushed for some simple WordPress plugins when he had a chance. You may find them useful.