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I may not be the best developer out there. I am sure there's always someone better than me. But, I am the one who has a strong commitment to the project I am working on. I've been working from home since 2012.

My motto is 初志貫徹. It means carrying out one's original intention. 


I am working remotely on various projects from clients based in the United States.

I am writing more posts on this blog when I have a chance. Here are some categories I've written

Cloud IDE. It's about my exploration of several cloud IDE. I started with Cloud9 when it's still Now, I am staying with, which is nicely integrating with Github.

Freelancing. Though technically I am still a half freelancer, I also share some insights based on my own experience here.

Ruby on Rails. Well, I've been using it since 2012 when it's still Ruby 1.8 and Rails 2.3. Almost eight years have passed. 

VPN. It is useful to help to protect my privacy. I write some opinions about the VPN under this category.

Web Development. Generally, I work as a web developer. I share some thoughts and experiences as a developer there.