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I am Kevin, the owner and the author of this blog.

I started this blog in 2012, two years after I got my first job as a web developer in 2010.
Welcome to my tech’s blog where I will share my experience relating techs along the way.

The History

The journey was not a smooth one. I lost all of my blog’s content because of my fault not keeping a backup. Since then, I abandon it for almost five years until the mid of last year.

During this abandoned periods, I randomly move the domain to my GitHub page or my LinkedIn.

Until last year, I revived my dead blog from WordPress to Netlify. Then, I put up again some of my content based on my accumulated experiences in the web development industry.

It was good and fast. My blog came back to life. But that was also not a smooth come back. I ended up to fail set aside some hours every day or week to update the post for various reasons. My blog came back to its hibernation for about six months.

I also realize during this period I did not post a new article on the blog because it takes up some time to create a new post using NetlifyCMS. Instead of writing the posts, I often end up tinkering with the techs inside Netlify. I tried Hugo, Jekyll, and even tinkering to just put some static HTML files there.

It was fun, but I failed again to keep up my blog updated.

Make it life again

It begins when I am hanging around on Reddit. I notice many good reviews about one of their web hosting friends, VeeroTech.

After that, I tried to check up their pricing, to see if their plan can match my budget to host my blog.

It was $3.95/month, which is near to Namecheap Stellar I used to have earlier. Even better, I found out a coupon code to make a 50% discount for the first month. What a great find.

Without more hesitation, I signed up for their SSD Micro plan, install WordPress, and eventually move back my blog back to WordPress.

From this point, I made a promise to myself to always check on my blog. Even it is just creating a draft then leave. When I had a chance, I write as much as I can, save as a draft or schedule it for a future post. This way, the blog can provide at least one new post for its readers every day.

Blog Categories

I divided all posts on this blog into some categories. They are:

Each category name speaks for itself. Though, I may add more categories or divide one category into smaller and specific categories.

You can find the links to those categories by hovering “Blog” at the top.

Getting started

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