Greetings everyone. My name’s Kevin. I am an experienced web developer who had been working extensively with various web development tools since 2012, and I’ve been working remotely for some clients based in the United States. Currently, only available to work remotely due to personal/family condition.


I am working remotely on various projects from clients based in the United States.

I am writing more posts on this blog when I have a chance. Here are some categories I’ve written

Cloud IDE. It’s about my exploration of several cloud IDE. I started with Cloud9 when it’s still c9.io. Now, I am staying with Gitpod.io, which is nicely integrating with Github.

Freelancing. Though technically I am still a half freelancer, I also share some insights based on my own experience here.

Ruby on Rails. Well, I’ve been using it since 2012 when it’s still Ruby 1.8 and Rails 2.3. Almost eight years have passed. 

VPN. It is useful to help to protect my privacy. I write some opinions about the VPN under this category.

Web Development. Generally, I work as a web developer. I share some thoughts and experiences as a developer there.


Remote PHP Developer

Help to build several web apps using the CakePHP framework from 2010 until 2012. During these periods, I also helped a friend building a local social network using PHPFox. I also do much customization for this PHPFox powered site.

Remote Ruby on Rails Developer

Help to create and to maintain web apps powered by Ruby on Rails: debug and fix the problems, optimize performance, refactoring the existing codes, add new features to meet the new business requirement (2012 – Present)

Experiences in details

  • Experience to work remotely since 2012. Mostly working with clients or teams in the United States.
  • Refactoring the flow and the codes.
  • Performance benchmarking and optimization.
  • Behaviour Driven Development Build AMP pages from existing HTML pages of a Ruby on Rails application.
  • Shopify liquid template customization.
  • Rspec along with Capybara and Selenium to automate the integration testing.
  • RVM and rbenv.
  • PHP both native and using a framework like CakePHP, Zend, or PHPFox.
  • WordPress customization. Both themes and plugins.
  • Building front end UX using JavaScript and JQuery.
  • DevOps with AWS, Jenkins, and Capistrano.
  • AWS Management: EC2, S3, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, and others. Both setting up, working and maintaining.
  • Heroku and their awesome add-ons.
  • Digital Ocean droplets setup and operation.
  • HTML and CSS, along with the Bootstrap framework from version 2 until 4.
  • Working on the UNIX environment, especially Ubuntu. Used to work with OSX too.
  • Working with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Though working with MongoDB a little.
  • Working with Git version control. Bitbucket and GitHub are two of my favorites.
  • Used to work with SVN too, in the old times. I am still using this for publishing some simple plugins on WordPress.org Playing with the Sinatra framework.
  • Setting up static sites on Netlify. They had great services.
  • Setting up and configuring MailChimp API, Automatic A/B Split Test for e-mail campaign, and do a custom integration with OptinMonster service.
  • Writing Rake script to scrape other sites (with permission from the site’s owner)
  • Working with Twilio API and build an app to send and receive pictures through MMS with their API.
  • Building custom integration application for Shopify and Shipstation
  • Working with Channel Advisor API
  • Working with Django/Python

Other areas of interests

Apart from being a web developer, I enjoy most of my time to learn and practice mindfulness. I also love to do a morning walk when I had a chance.

When forced indoors I:

  1. read histories (my favorite is WWII history)
  2. wrote some blog posts on this tech blog.
  3. read some updates on Reddit
  4. am tinkering with things on GitHub.
  5. am looking at updates on Twitter.
  6. just sharing the latest blog post I wrote somewhere else
  7. do meditation



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