As I’ve told you on the previous post, I began to explore its valuable features after I got the Unlimited plan from team. Here are the valuable things that make service interesting, after I do my exploration. Seamless Github integration This is the… Read more »Valuable things that make service interesting
Gitpod is the only cloud IDE that integrates seamlessly with Github. At least that’s what I know when I am writing this. Here’s how I got nice surprices from Gitpod team. How I found Gitpod I found it almost a… Read more »Got nice surprises from Gitpod team

As a developer, this question must have crossed your mind every once in a while.

The “Cloud” feature is almost everywhere these days that it makes it almost impossible that no application or software won’t have it.

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As of now, it’s still in public BETA (so no prices) – according to their official representative. Gitpod, which is said to extend GitHub, is an online integrated development environment (IDE). So basically, it’s a cloud IDE. Therefore, let’s find out: Is Gitpod Cloud IDE worth to try as the alternative Cloud IDE?

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