Complete list of best and cheap fully managed dedicated server

I know, there are already myriad articles on internet which give you the list of best and cheap managed dedicated server. 

Unfortunately, most of them were written along with affiliate link.

What does it mean?

It means, their review will be bias, more or less.

Will you say something bad about the service you promoted, and you'll gain some commissions ( eventually, a big one ) when the buyers bought the service through your link?

Personally, I won't.

I bet you'll do the same, and that's the case for many other articles writers.

Some of them even mentioned the services which I know many people complained about it. Sad.

Even more sad, some of them only use "dedicated" on the title while the content did not focus on managed dedicated server. 

That's the reason I wrote this in-depth, long articles to give a complete list of the best and cheap managed dedicated server providers without any affiliate links.

Please do notice that I only add and update the following list with "managed dedicated server providers", not with "managed VPS service providers" because they're different.

A "managed dedicated server" is NOT same as "managed VPS".

A dedicated server means a physical server rent to you by the hosting provider.

It means that the physical server is used only by you, no shared resource with others  there.

But it's different case with VPS.

Even you're in managed VPS service, you will still share the resource of the physical server with other VPS owners.


What about "unmanaged dedicated server" ?

There are many huge differences between a "managed dedicated server" and "bare or unmanaged dedicated server".

Let's see one of example the un-managed one: Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts

An Amazon EC2 Dedicated Host is a physical server with EC2 instance capacity fully dedicated to your use. (source:

You see, when you're running EC2, you're the one who needs to manage it yourself. There will be no support team to fix your instance or server if it goes down or crashed. You need to install all required packages by yourself. Don't forget that you're fully responsible to set up its security too. Yes, it's completely yours and you had full responsibility to run, manage, update, or scale it to your needs. That's an example if you're running an un-managed dedicated server.

It sounds too much, right?

You'll need to commit resource, either hiring a devops guy or committing your own time to do all of the devops works.

Its different story if you're going with a "managed dedicated server".

  • There will be cPanel/WHM for your dedicated server
  • There will be a dedicated support for your server in case any issue arise on your server like: it's being attacked using DDos or it keeps crashing because of corrupted package installed there, or any other unpleasant things happening there.

So, let's go to the list . . .

  • Nixihost Dedicated Hosting Plans
  • Iwfhosting NEW Dedicated Server Specials - Charlotte, NC.
  • Namecheap Clearance Dedicated Server
  • Siteground Dedicated Hosting
  • A2hosting managed dedicated server
  • KnownHost managed dedicated server
  • 24SHELLS fully managed dedicated server
  • InterServer managed dedicated server

Oh, one more thing: this list of managed dedicated server, mostly had the data-center located in United States.

Also, I only added the provider who had good reputation according to my experience and my deep research on various forums, and even asked the real user's experience.

Nixihost Dedicated Hosting Plans

I found this host through the site which claimed to be the front-page of the internet.

Their cheapest dedicated host plan starts from $145/year for the standard plan.

They had the other higher plans such as: Intermediate, Advanced, and Custom.

But since this is the list about cheap managed dedicated server, I won't say much about the other plans.

The features of standard plan are:

  1. $0 Setup Fee
  2. CPU: Intel X3440 2.53GHz
  3. CPU Cores: 4 (8 Hyperthreaded)
  4. RAM: 8GB
  5. Disk 1: 256GB SSD
  6. Disk 2: 1TB SATA3
  7. andwidth: 10,000GB/mo
  8. Port Speed: 1000mbit
  9. IPs: 4
  10. cPanel/WHM: Free! (here it is!)
  11. Server Management: Free! (here it is!)

If you're interested to try, here's the link to the plan (not an affiliate link):

Iwfhosting NEW Dedicated Server Specials - Charlotte, NC.

I also know this one from the site that claimed to be the front page of the internet.

This one starts with $65+$25 per month for fully-managed dedicated server.

I've verified that information with their customer's support ( which is friendly and very straight-forward without any "excuses" like other typical customer's services -- well this is personal preference, I think )

The features for the cheapest plan are:

  1. CPU Dual L5520 (8 cores)
  2. RAM 24GB
  3. HDD 250GB SSD or 2TB SATA (4 bays)
  4. Bandwith 10TB @ 1Gbps
  5. IPs: 5 IPv4 + /64 IPv6
  6. cPanel: yes, for addition $25/month as I said above.
  7. Softaculous: +$2.50/month. If you're going to install CMS like WordPress.

Here is the link to those plans

Namecheap Clearance Dedicated Server

The Namecheap affordable dedicated server plan starts from $84.88 per month.

It's fully-managed dedicated server, but if you only need cpanel, you can afford it for $54.88 per month.

This cheapest plan come up with those features

  1. CPU Intel Pentium G6950 with 2 cores / 2 threads @ 2.53 GHz (2.93 GHz) 8 MB SmartCache
  2. RAM 4GB DDR3 • ECC Server Grade
  3. HDD 1x500GB HDD WD RE Enterprise
  4. Bandwidth 10TB/month
  5. IPs 1 IP

To know more informations about this clearance dedicated server plan from NC, just go to this link:

Siteground Dedicated Hosting

SG also provided you with fully-managed dedicated server.

Their plan starts from $269.00 per month.

Honestly, it's a bit too pricey but let's see what you got from their cheapest plan for $269/month

  1. Intel Xeon E3-1230 SSD 
  2. 3.20Ghz CPU Clock Speed
  3. 16GB DDR3 RAM
  4. 480GB SSD (it's SSD)
  5. 10TB Bandwidth
  6. WHM & cPanel (here they are!)

And they said:

We setup your server, keep its software up-to-date, monitor your machine 24/7 and react immediately in case of an issue.

Not only that, they also promised you with 24/7 VIP Support.

Here's the link to their page

A2hosting managed dedicated server

This one starts from $141.09 with the Sprint plan.

But as I wrote this information, they offered 17% off.

What you got from this Sprint plan

  1. From 8 GB RAM
  2. From 2X500 GB Storage
  3. From 10 TB Transfer
  4. 2 Cores
  5. Intel 3.1+ GHz
  6. Free SSL
  7. Free cPanel Control Panel (this is it!)
  8. Anytime Money Back Guarantee ( according to their page, but it's better to confirm with their support first before you gave them a payment )

Here's the link:

KnownHost managed dedicated server

The cheapest plan is the KH-MD1 plan, which starts from $159.00 per month.

This one claimed to have

  • Complementary DDOS Protection
  • 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  • Available External Backups & Free Migrations. Not free, they charge this $10/month for 100gb of storage space.

The featured offered for this cheapest plan are

  1. CPU i7-6700 (4x3.4GHz 8MB)
  2. 8GB DDR4 RAM
  3. 6,000 GB bandwidth
  4. HDD1 256GB SSD
  5. HDD2 1TB SATA (do remember, it's SATA)
  6. cPanel & WHM

Here's the link to their complete plans page:

24SHELLS fully managed dedicated servers

Its cheapest plan starts with $169.99/mo.

With such amount of money, they will offered you with

  1. Xeon Quad E3-1230v2 3.3GHz/core
  2. HDD 1 x 1TB RE4 or 120GB SSD
  3. 8GB DDR3
  4. 20TB bandwidth
  5. 5 IPs
  6. cPanel. (as they said All managed dedicated servers include free control panel for your convenience )

Here's the link to their complete plans:

InterServer managed dedicated server

The cheapest plan of InterServer managed dedicated server is $50.00/month.

With that amount of money you'll get

  1. Intel Dual-Core Atom (2 cores)
  2. 1GB RAM
  3. 250 GB HDD
  4. 10TB Bandwidth
  5. cPanel
  6. $0 setup fees

Here's the link to the completed plan:

Dedicated Server Solutions from stablehost

The cheapest plan they provided is $145 per month.

You will got the following specs for that plan:

  • Intel Pentium G3450 3.4GHz 2C
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Hard drives 2 x 300 GB SAS
  • Traffic 2 TB
  • RAID 0 or 1

Here's the link to stablehost Dedicated Server sign up page:

P.S I'll keep updating this page in the future if I come accross any dedicated server provider with less than $500/month, and that provider is not under EIG brands.