You can reach me on the e-mail address Kevin at kevinhq dot com. Or if you happened to use Reddit, you may contact me from there. 

Contact me if you’re looking for a web developer.

I do plan to accept guest posts. However, such posts should be relevant to the existing topics on this blog. Besides, you may contact me if you’re looking for a web developer to work on your projects.

Before you reached me out, please read these.

  • I am only available to work on an hourly project. We can talk about my hourly rate. If you can’t commit to an hourly project, then please count me out.
  • A guest post or sponsored one must have 500 words in minimum and you’re the one who writes the content.
  • I do love to hear about the partnership offering but I don’t accept any banner ads.
  • This blog won’t accept any sponsored or guest post that doesn’t have relevancy with the blog topic.
  • I am not interested in your inquiry if I don’t respond within three working days.
  • Don’t ask for backlinks and the likes. I will mark your e-mail as spam if you do this.
  • At my discretion, I may refer you to work through Upwork platform if you want to hire me. I am one of the top-rated freelancers there.
  • If we don’t reach an agreement after some talks, don’t keep sending me e-mails. Otherwise, I’ll mark your e-mail as spam.
  • I never disclose any client’s projects details, so even you don’t ask me to sign NDA document, I won’t disclose any of your projects, ever.
  • I am online mostly on 9 AM till 9 PM on UTC +7 or UTC +8 timezone. 
  • So, if you decide to contact me, please add this text as a part of your e-mail subject: [From]. Include the brackets, please.