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How to unlock not provided keywords in google analytics

If your site happened to have Google Analytics installed, then you must have noticed that  **(not provided) ** keywords on the table for “Organic Search” traffic source. So, how to unlock not provided keywords in google analytics?

Because it’s true that there are many ways to unlock it.

But most of them are complicated, even for developers.

Not to mention that most are failed or not working anymore.

Others are just the way too complicated, in my opinion, it’s even not worth the hurdles unless your “Organic Traffic” percentage is huge.

Even worse, some people even suggested you buy expensive SEO software tools to get insights on this.

Although Google actually provided those keywords by their other webmaster tools: Google Search Console.

So, how to unlock not provided keywords in google analytics with Google Search Console?

  1. Go to Google Search Console for the site you want to see those (not provided) keywords.

  2. Click the “Performance” tab on the left navigation sidebar.

  3. Activate all the tabs on the page. By default, only “Total clicks” and “Total impressions” are active. Click the other two: “Average CTR” and “Average position”.

  4. Then, scroll down a little bit and make sure to select the “QUERIES” tab.

  5. After that, scroll down a little bit again and sort those keywords by the options you would like. There are four options to sort by:

  • Clicks

  • Impressions

  • CTR

  • Positions

  1. Copy those sorted keywords.

  2. Open the free RankTank keyword position checker tool:

  3. Pass each of those sorted keywords from Google Search Console to your RankTank Google Sheets (details can be read here: How to use rank tank google sheets real-time keyword tool)

  4. From there, you’ll see the keywords mapped to one of your site’s page, and its position. RankTank will give you real-time data because it does a real-time query to Google search engine.

  5. You can export the RankTank Google Sheets from your Google Doc and download it as CSV or PDF, as part of your SEO report to your client.

Pros of this way

  • Easy and simple

  • Reliable until Google changes their mind to remove those “keywords” from their Google Search Console — just like they’ve already done on Google Analytics.

  • No coding required.

  • Legitimate. It’s not a hacking way.

  • Free. No need to buy expensive tools to do this

Cons of this way

  • I need to do it manually.

  • It’s possible to automate all of those steps above but it will require you to set up some codes ( and it may be not easy )

  • Or you may need to hire a virtual private assistant if you had many keywords to unlock.

So, that’s how to unlock not provided keywords in google analytics. The most prominent and simple way is through Google Webmaster tools or Google named it “Google Search Console” now.

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