Hire me

I am working as a remote web developer since 2012. I can’t say that I am doing full freelancing because all the projects I’ve been working on until now are the old projects I started working in 2012. So, it’s long-term projects. Want to hire me as web developer? Read on.

While I got my hands full most of the time, there’s a day or week when I have some spare hours per week. Usually, it will be around 10 hours per week.

Therefore, now I am trying to use those spare hours to offer some small services like:

Quick fix on Ruby on Rails app

If you need a quick fix for your already running Rails app or you need help to deploy it on Heroku or AWS or Digital Ocean, I can help. Just send me a quote through the contact page. I’ll reply to it ASAP when I had these spare hours.

Quick help with WordPress

This includes the service to install WordPress on the host you choose, along with the theme you already bought. But, I can’t do more complicated things enjoy building/customizing a plugin or doing heavy customization of your WordPress site.

However, if you only need small customizations on your current theme, contact me. If it’s “small”, I think I can help you with the spare hours I have.

Other small fixes for front-end

As long as it only involves HTML, CSS (includes Bootstrap/Foundation CSS), or Javascript/JQuery, I think I can handle them during the spare hours I have.

Long-term projects?

Sorry, but I can’t accept any long-term projects for the time being. But if you just need small working hours (less than 10 hours) per week to do a quick check, fix or review on your web application, then I can do it.


My spare hours are not always available from week to week. So, just send me a quote anytime you need my help. If I don’t reply in over 24 hours, then I am not available.

Working hours tracker

I will track my working hours with any tools you provided. In case you don’t have one, I’ll use GetHarvest.com service to track my working hours and send you the invoice for the work I’ve done.

Hourly rate and payment

I receive payment using Paypal or wire transfer using Xoom. I’ll give you more details about my hourly rate and payment details once we get a deal about how we work together.

My hourly rate will depend on the difficulties of your “small” problem. How much I charge per hour, I will tell you once I reviewed the work you need.


If you prefer to work with me through Upwork, I am fine with that too. Just include this on your quotes. Then, I’ll let you know my Upwork profile and you can send me an invitation to your project there.

However, be mindful that Upwork will charge you some fees for their service. So, it will be a higher cost on your side but you’ll gain some benefits such detailed reports of screenshots of how I work on your project.

So, are you interested to hire me? Send me a quote here.

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