My experience with Twiends

I tried Twiends service about three months ago. Overall, I spent about $10 in total. Not a big deal, but on this post I would share my detailed experience with their service.

Before you continue to read, keep in mind that if your goal is about conversion, engagement and the likes, it will be very hard to reach such goals using Twiends service. Probably, it's possible if you had huge budget to use the service, but the question is with such huge budget, will you spend it on Twiends, instead of on the other ads platform like Twitter ads?

It's just for numbers

On the other hand, if your goal was just to polish up your Twitter with huge numbers of followers, this service is for you.

I know most of the Twitter accounts followed you from Twiends were the real ones because their platform is very strict to use any bots.

But the problem is, even those are the real Twitter account, which mean a real human is behind the account, the reason they followed you is most likely not because they had interest on your tweets or on your profile.

They only had the interest to raise the number of their followers. Nothing more, at least most of them.

That's why, they're hoping you to follow them back or else they will un-follow you after some days or months.

Even if you followed them back, there's no guarantee that they won't unfollow you.

Very little to no engagement

I just tested their service for my own, personal Twitter account. Yes, for $10, I got almost 200 followers (now only left a few who's still following me).

From those 200 followers, I only notice very few accounts that look like had similar topic or similar interest with my Twitter account.

Yet, there's no engagement from those accounts. 

When I checked the numbers of accounts they're following versus the number accounts follow them (their followers), it's huge.

What can you expect from a follower that follows hundreds or even thousands of account?

As comparison, I only follow six accounts on my Twitter, yet I often missed some Tweets from some accounts I follow because it's buried by the other account's recent tweets.

Just imagine if I follow thousands of accounts there. Will I even have chance to see some account's tweets? 

Well, you may need to be very lucky to get your Tweets catch the attention of such followers. 

Is it a bad service?

I don't think so. In fact, compared to those other similar service, I can say Twiends is the best among of them.

At the very least, all of followers I got from them were real Twitter account, and they've done their effort to minimize and restrict the bots from using their service.

But again, it's only serving for polishing your number of followers, especially if your Twitter business account is still brand new, and there's no followers yet.

Should I use it?

It depends on your own goal. If you just look for polishing your follower numbers in short amount of time, and you don't want to have "bots" followers, Twiends is for you.

Just like I've said above, the service said it's doing its best to prevent bots.

As I looked up on my followers who's from Twiends, most of them looks promising. 

Even when I used the Twitter Audit tool, the tool said 100% of my followers (most of them from Twiends at that time), were real ones.

The only one you need to notice is setting aside some bucks to subscribe to their service, so when your old followers from Twiends un-follow you because you don't follow them back, you'll be able to get new followers to keep your followers number high.

Otherwise, you'll need to keep following other people on Twiends so they will follow you back. 

Is it a scam?

Of course, it's not. It's a real service and their customer service always replied me within hours or a few days, when I had question or had problem, including the problem with my subcription and billing.

Sometimes, the owner itself, is the one who gave me the answer.

Do I still use it?

No. Here are my reasons:

  • I pursue engagement and conversion on Twitter, instead of the number of followers.
  • The followers I got from them, though all of them were real, seems had no interest on my account because most of them also follows hundreds or thousands of accounts.
  • I don't have time to keep following people, even I had interest on them.
  • I don't have money to keep my subscription active. In fact, based on my own calculation, I need at least $50/month to get meaningful numbers of followers.
  • I got impression that most of people who followed me, only had one reason: to make me follow them back. I got this impression after some months stopping to use their service, I started to lose some of my followers I got from them.