Reasons why you need to install Ad-Block

An ad blocker is a software used by internet users to prevent interruptions caused by millions of adverts on the internet.

It can either alter or remove advertising content from a mobile app, webpage and website.

Most ad blockers may be used on personal computers, mobile phones, and Apple products.

The most popular ad blocker is Google Chrome’s Ad Block.

Advertisements come in different forms such as animations, web banners, embedded videos, and pop-up windows.

There are several ways in which ad blockers prevent advertisements from invading a webpage or website.

The first and popular method is blocking.

Users can block adverts by using browser extensions.

Secondly, a user can utilize browser integration which is an automatic way of pushing away adverts.

The third method involves external ad blocking programs such as the HTTP proxy.

Many users seek to block advertisements from the websites they visit. 

These adverts are a source of revenue for most websites.

Revenue received from the adverts are used to fund content for web users.

On the other hand, internet users feel that they should be able to enjoy interruption-free searches on the internet.

Consequently, they install the ad blockers to cut off the advertisements.

Subsequently, there is a controversy on whether ad blocking should be allowed or not.

Confusing as it may look, the simple solution to this dilemma is to ensure you put an exception on the Acceptable Ads.

After all, if you would like to keep accessing the internet for free then it does not hurt to help in funding the content writers.

AdBlock is the world’s number one ad blocker.

It operates as an extension of the Google Chrome browser.

There are over 60 million users of AdBlock.

It is available for iPhone, Safari, and Opera. The following are the reasons why you need to install Ad-Block;

To protect your privacy

Internet users require confidentiality as they use the internet. To achieve such privacy, you need to should use AdBlock.

To speed up loading of the web pages

Advertisements make the downloading of a web page slower since some of them have videos and pictures that take time to open. An ad blocker removes advertising content resulting in a faster page loading.

To protect yourself from malvertising

Malvertising refers to the use of online adverts to infect computers with malware. Malware including computer viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, and worms slow down the operation of mobile devices. They may also result in loss of data from the mobile devices. Therefore, this is one of the advantages of ad-blockers

To have a better internet experience

A lot of advertisements on the internet can be annoying. Therefore, the other reason why you should use Ad-Block is to enjoy an ad-free internet experience. The ad blockers allow only a few distractions.

To save your bandwidth

In most cases, adverts come in form of photos and videos which require a lot of bandwidth to access. Preventing them from appearing on your web pages significantly lowers your bandwidth usage. Thus, saving you money!

To save battery on mobile devices

Lack of advertisements on the web pages results in you saving the battery on your mobile devices. This because your browsers did not need to render the ads. It works less, so it consumes less power

To avoid tracking

Some companies have the capability of following the internet activities of people. AdBlock will help you to avoid such online invasion. Hence, your online activities are protected though this is not guaranteed.

Review from someone I know

AdBlock-Plus is a great tool for getting rid of the many annoying adverts found on the internet. Using it has enabled me to enjoy faster loading of the web pages. It has also helped me to enjoy my internet experience since it gets rid of distractions such as pop-up windows. Furthermore, I have been able to use a limited amount of bandwidth during my internet sessions. AdBlock-plus has also protected my mobile devices from computer viruses. The only disadvantage that I have experienced in my use of AdBlock-Plus is that it does not get rid of some adverts. I would highly recommend the AdBlock-Plus to someone looking for a reliable, safe, and easy-to-use ad blocker. Out of 5, I give it a rating of 4.5.

My Recommendations for ad-block

Personally, I used to use some ad-block add-ons/extensions on browsers I used.

Many of them are working great but with one drawback I notice.

My Mac's fan will scream loudly, after I work for some hours.

After looking for alternatives, I stumbled into "uBlock origin".

So far, it works great just any other ad-block plugins, but also keep my Mac's fan shut up ( or at least, runs quietly ), even I had worked for more than four hours.

Just give it a try.

P.S I am not affiliated with "uBlock origin". In fact, it's an open source with some great contributors - I am not one of them. Just ordinary users who loves it.

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