Recommended payment methods for freelancer based on real first-hand experience

If you're planning to switch to remote worker, or you're just starting to work remotely, here are some recommended payment services based on my experience working remotely since 2012.

Or if you're just starting or planning to do freelance job for employers at the other side of the globe, these payment methods will work for you too.

Not matter what's kind of jobs you're taking, as long as you work for someone who live on the other side of the world, these recommendations are for you.

If you're still not sure if those payment methods are for you, here are some the jobs I know, which is suitable to be paid using one or more of  those payment methods, when it's done remotely:

  • Content Writer.
  • Consultant who works remotely ( even if you're a consultant for other fields than IT )
  • Blogger.
  • Digital Marketer.
  • Virtual Assistant.
  • Web Designer.
  • Web Developer.
  • Quality Assurance / Web Tester.
  • Illustrator.
  • Animator.
  • Online recruiter.

But now that I think more about it. Those payment methods will also work, even if you're not working remotely. Your employer can choose to pay you using one of them.

Please do note that some the links can be affiliate links which will earn me some bucks when you signed up for the service without additional cost on your side.

In fact, one of the payment service will earn you additional $25 when you're using my link.

Here we go . . .

1. Paypal
2. Upwork
3. Xoom
4. Payoneer


This is the very first payment method I use, when I just getting started to work remotely about six years ago.

If you're living in states, then PayPal may be the best option for you. It's fast and secure. It also allowed you to withdraw the money to your bank account.

Not only that, with PayPal, you can spend your earning to shop online on most of reputable merchants, without worrying about giving away your cards information.

Beyond this, there is also a feature called "Buyer's Protection" from PayPal. 

I nearly need to use this feature when one of the online service I bought, suddenly banned my account after I deposits some of money through PayPal.

In the end, I don't use it because the customer service guy managed to solve the issue and I can regain the access to my account.

But do remember that for all of those benefits and features, you're required to verify your PayPal account with either credit or any supported debit cards.

Sometimes PayPal may limit your account once you verified the account with the card but don't worry.

They will provided hints for the issues on their "Resolution Center" page.

Usually, they asked you to send more government issued documents for more verification.

But again, if you're living in states and you're American, there's tiny chance you'll run such issue with PayPal unless your accounts had been compromised.

You can sign up for PayPal on their site: To see how's their fee, you can read it there:


Formerly oDesk, before merging with Elance, UpWork does not only offer marketplace service for those remote worker and employer, but it also provided you with the payment service.

Though they allow you to be paid through PayPal, but they also offered a direct deposit to your local bank account.

This will be useful if you're living outside of the states.

But if you had U.S bank account, you can add it to your upWork account since transferring your earnings to your U.S bank account is usually free to those who qualify. Reference:

You can sign up for UpWork as worker or employer on their site:


This is very useful to send the money to someone living outside of the states.

If you're living outside of the states, your employer can easily transfer your payment to your bank account using this service.

Based on my experience, if your employer sent it using their credit card, the money will be credited on your bank account within hours.

But if your employer sent it using their bank account, the money will arrive in 4 or 5 business days ( though usually I saw the money in 2 or 3 business days ).

It's a trusted service because it's actually one of PayPal's service.

You can try it there: or ask your employer to pay you using this tool.

All you need to give is your bank account details, along with your phone number to your employer so he or she can pay you through Xoom service.

Even better, Xoom offered you with refer a friend program which you can read in details there:


This one will benefit you most, when you're living outside of the states. Payoneer will give you a prepaid card with MasterCard logo, and you can use this card to withdraw your money anywhere in ATM with MasterCard logo.

It also had interesting refer-a-friend program where both you and your referred friends will earn $25 when your referred-friend receive their first $1000. This is one time payment only.

Not only that, Payoneer also offered feature to give you US virtual bank account which allow you to receive ACH transfer from the company in United States.

Talk with your employer if their company can pay you through ACH transfer.

For example use case, a friend of mine who's living outside of the states can withdraw his earning from Amazon associate program to his Payoneer's US virtual bank account, then he can withdraw the cash on the ATM near his place.

If you're interested with Payoneer affiliate program, and you want get that $25 bonus when you received your first $1000 payment, then feel free to sign up for Payoneer service using my link ( use my affiliate link if you want to get $25 bonus when you received your first $1000 payment ).

Will Payoneer work for you if you're living in states? Yes, it will.