Things that stopped me upgrading to Grammarly Premium

Things that stopped me upgrading to Grammarly Premium

I’ve used Grammarly app for sometimes now. I think it’s more than a year since I register an account there. It is a good app that helps me to find typos or any problems in my writing. I’ve considered it to upgrade to their premium plan, but there are some things that stopped me to do that. Here are those hings that stopped me upgrading to Grammarly Premium.

Missing the promotional period

Here’s the story. After the months I registered my account, they sent me a promotional period. That’s the periods when I’ll get a special price if I upgraded. It was so close. But when I was on the final step to checkout, they didn’t approve my prepaid card with a MasterCard logo. 

There’s a choice to checkout using PayPal. But, I haven’t had a credit card connected to my PayPal account. As PayPal terms, I can’t pay a subscription service unless I’ve added a credit card or debit card to my account. I only connected my prepaid card on my PayPal.

I even tried to contact their support. They couldn’t give me a solution that allowed me to upgrade during that promotional period.

It makes my MacBook’s fan screams over time

Dang. This is the thing I can’t accept. I have already updated my MacBook to use the latest Mojave. Yet, it still makes my MacBook’s fan screams. Even when I turn on the air conditioner and set it to the maximum to make the room as cold as possible. This happens on their web application.

I know I can use their browser’s extension too. This is not working well for me. The extension didn’t work well with WordPress Gutenberg editor. I know you’ll say why don’t you try to use the Classic Editor?

In fact, I try with a classic editor. It works well, but I often find it misses some mistakes. The most accurate checker is on their own web application. 

So, I change my workflow. When I need to write something, I fire up their web app first. Then, I’ll write everything there first. Fix all the problems, including the advanced problems available for premium users only.

After that, I will copy everything to Gutenberg, format the block, and hit the Publish button. 

Here’s where this problem comes up. When I need to write a long article, I feel my MacBook is getting hotter. Not only that, but I also hear the fan screams.

After that, I notice that the number of blocked requests on my ad-block icon has become over two hundred. It’s crazy, right?

I don’t want to disable my ad-block. Thus, I download their native application for Mac. Does the problem end here? No.

In fact, the native application gave me the same effect on my MacBook. The fan screams after I write for some minutes. The next step is obvious for me. I uninstall it.

I can fix the advanced problems without being premium user

Here’s how I do it. 

  • When the advanced problems are showing, I’ll re-read the whole post from the beginning.
  • Then, I try to remove a paragraph one by one, to narrow where the problem lies.
  • After I can narrow it, I will narrow it more by going through every sentence on the paragraph.
  • Once I find the sentence or the words, I’ll fix them.

So, it’s easy for me to fix the advanced problems based on given hints. Even I don’t upgrade to a premium plan. It’s obvious that I don’t need that plan.

It doesn’t give me a free trial

I am not sure if I miss this. But I don’t remember I get a free trial for them. However, another similar app like ProWritingAid gives me a 14-days-free-trial to try their premium plan.

I only need the premium for advanced problem hints

Since I can fix the advanced problem without clear hints, which is available for premium users only, I lose the need for a premium account. I find no reason or excuses to upgrade to a premium account.


Grammarly is a good service. Despite the problem with my MacBook, I think it’s a very helpful app for bloggers. It helps us to check the post before it goes public. 

Beside Grammarly, I also use ProWritingAid as a comparison. At the time I write this, I can get a free trial of its premium plan for fourteen days. 

As I tested so far, its web app didn’t make my MacBook’s fan screams even when I am writing for a very long post. I will test it more during the next fourteen days and see if I’ll use the ProWritingAid web app as my primary helper to create a post on this blog.

What about you? Do you use Grammarly? Do you upgrade it to premium plan?

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