3 Steps To Take Before Selling Your Computer

kevinhq.com - If you have a monitor or laptop you are looking to sell; you may have some questions about how to get the best price, as well as preparing your computer for selling it. To get the best price for your computer you need to ready it for its new home. It will ensure that there are no post-sale issues and that your information is safe after the computer has left your hands. In this blog, you will find out how to prepare your laptop before selling it to its new owner.

Backing Up ALL Your Files

Although newer devices will usually automatically store your files on a cloud server, this is not good enough assurance. Especially if you have highly important information such as personal records, bank statements, or files that relate to your employment; if you are selling your computer, you should purchase an external hard drive. You can buy external hard drives very cost-effectively from most stores.

An external hard drive will store multiple GBs of data and can be used to back up everything on your computer. This will give you peace of mind that if your cloud server fails you, you have all your files backed up on hardware too.

Erasing The Hard Drive

An essential step before selling your computer is erasing or degaussing the computer’s hard drive. The hard drive contains all programs, information, and history of the computer’s usage since the last time the hard drive was erased. So why is erasing the hard drive so important? Couldn’t you delete all your files and be done with it?

In short, degaussing the hard drive is essential for three key reasons. These are:

  • Privacy. Of course, your computer will store all your information that is dangerous to pass on to a total stranger. If you do not degauss the hard drive but delete files, likely, your computer will still have the files backed up somewhere. Even if you deleted the files, your computer will likely contain trackers - cookies, for example - which are not visibly stored unless you search for them. These will collect information about your search history, the sites you visit, and even your personal information. The only way to ensure your data is safe is to erase the hard drive.
  • The “new computer experience”. When someone buys your computer from you, although they are aware the device is second hand, they will expect the “new computer experience.” This means they will not want to open up their new device for the first time, only to discover it clogged up and scattered with your old files.
  • Your computer’s processing performance. If your hard drive is full of junk files, malware, and downloads, it is likely to weaken its performance. As the seller, it is ideal to give your buyer the slickest, speediest version of your device possible. A satisfied customer will be less likely to complain or give a bad review to you on your selling website.

If you are unsure how to erase your hard drive, the brand which sells your device will provide instructions via their site or helpline.

Clean Your Device

It doesn’t mean cleaning the software - this is, of course, achieved by degaussing your hard drive. It means cleaning your device physically. Cleaning is highly important because your buyer should not be sent a device that has a smeared screen, bacteria buildup on the keys, or any other aesthetic problem. The device should look brand new.

How can you clean your device? This is a careful procedure which should be done slowly and with the minimum amount of cleaning products. To protect your device from internal damage from the cleaning products you apply, here are a few key pieces of advice for delicate cleaning.

  • Use a cotton swab. For cleaning between the keys of a laptop, use a cotton swab with a small amount of surface cleaner on it. It will gently scrub away any dirt that has built up from usage, without seeping the cleaning product into the device itself.
  • Take it slowly. Use a tiny amount of product at a time - this is not a job to do in a rush. Take a dry paper towel with a small amount of screen cleaner and gently wipe the device down. If there are any drips, make sure to catch them before they land.

In conclusion, you should prepare your device as best you can for its new home. To guarantee buyer satisfaction, go the extra mile with these three key steps.

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