A journey beyond death: Chapter 10

Aveline followed the silver locket’s gentle pull, feeling its energy grow stronger as she approached the gateway to the Crossroads of Destiny. She sensed a powerful presence beyond the portal, a force that transcended the realms she had traversed. She wondered what secrets and mysteries awaited her on the other side.

She reached the end of a winding path, where a towering archway stood before her. The archway was carved with intricate symbols and runes, some of which matched those on the Key of Destiny. Aveline felt a surge of excitement as she realized she had found the entrance to the Crossroads.

She lifted the locket to the archway, aligning it with a circular indentation in the center. After the locket touched the stone, a bright light erupted from the archway, blinding Aveline. When she opened her eyes, she saw a swirling vortex of colors and shapes within the archway, inviting her to step through.

Aveline took a deep breath and walked into the portal, feeling a rush of wind and energy as she crossed the threshold. She emerged on the other side, gasping in awe at the sight before her.

She was standing on a floating platform, surrounded by an endless expanse of stars and galaxies. She felt she had entered a cosmic realm, where time and space were fluid and infinite. She saw other platforms floating nearby, each one connected by bridges of light. On some of them, she could see figures moving around.

She realized she was at the Crossroads of Destiny, a nexus where all possible paths and outcomes converged. She wondered what her fate would be, and what choices she would have to make.

She looked around, searching for a sign of Lysander, the ancient oracle who was supposed to guide her further. She spotted a large platform in the distance, where a majestic temple stood. She felt nostalgic for that place as if it held the answers she sought.

She decided to head towards the temple, hoping to find Lysander there. She crossed several bridges of light, marveling at the sights and sounds around her. She heard whispers and echoes of voices from different realms and times, some familiar and some foreign. She felt she was walking through a tapestry of history and destiny.

She reached the temple platform, where she was greeted by a pair of golden gates that opened as she approached. She entered the temple, feeling a sense of reverence and awe. She walked through a long corridor, lined with statues and paintings depicting various scenes and events from different realms and times. She recognized some of them from her own journey, while others were unfamiliar and intriguing.

She reached the end of the corridor, where a large chamber awaited her. In the center of the chamber, there was a circular pool of water reflecting the starry sky above. Around the pool, there were twelve pillars, each one bearing a symbol that represented one of the realms she had visited.

She walked towards the pool, feeling a surge of curiosity and anticipation. As she neared the edge of the water, she saw a figure emerge from its depths. It was an old man with long white hair and a beard, wearing a robe that shimmered with starlight. He had piercing blue eyes that seemed to see through her soul.

He smiled warmly at her and spoke in a voice throughout the chamber.

“Welcome to the Crossroads of Destiny, Aveline,” he said. “I am Lysander, the ancient oracle. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Aveline bowed respectfully and replied.

“Thank you for receiving me, Lysander,” she said. “I have come here seeking your guidance.”

Lysander nodded sagely and gestured for her to join him by the pool.

“Of course,” he said. “You have come to a place where all possibilities are open to you, where your choices will shape your destiny and that of the realms.”

He paused and looked at her intently.

“But before we proceed further,” he continued. “There is something I must ask you.”

He reached into his robe and pulled out a small object that glinted in his hand.

It was another silver locket, identical to hers.

He held it out to her and said: “Do you know what this is?”

To be continued…

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