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A nuclear nightmare - A New Threat

Thanks to the global council, the scientific community, and the remembrance circles, the world is on the path to recovery. However, only some were happy with the new order. A shadowy group of dissidents, known as the Reclaimers, emerged from the fringes of society. They opposed the council’s vision of unity and cooperation and sought to restore the old ways of nationalism and conflict.

The Reclaimers believed that the cataclysmic events 1962 were divine punishment for humanity’s sins and that the universe had chosen the survivors to rebuild the world according to their values. They rejected the council’s authority, the scientific advances, and the cultural diversity. They saw themselves as the true heirs of the Earth and vowed to reclaim it from those they deemed unworthy.

The Reclaimers operated secretly, using guerrilla tactics and sabotage to undermine the council’s efforts. They targeted vital infrastructure, such as power plants, communication networks, and transportation systems. They also attacked cultural sites like museums, galleries, and remembrance circles. They left behind messages of hate and violence, calling for a return to the old world order.

The council knew the Reclaimers' existence but needed help tracking them down. The Reclaimers were well-organized, well-funded, and well-armed. They had access to weapons and technology hidden or stolen from the old world. They also had sympathizers and informants within the council’s ranks who leaked information and sabotaged operations.

The council tried to contain the Reclaimers' threat and avoid escalating the conflict, hoping to reach out to them to persuade them to join the new world order. They believed that dialogue and understanding were preferable to violence and confrontation.

However, they lost their hopes when the Reclaimers launched their most daring and devastating attack. They infiltrated Dr. Petrovna’s laboratory, where she worked on a breakthrough in sustainable energy technology. They planted explosives in her reactor, causing a massive explosion that destroyed her lab and killed her and her team.

The explosion also triggered a chain reaction that threatened to destabilize the global energy grid. The council scrambled to prevent a catastrophe, but it was too late. The grid collapsed, plunging the world into darkness.

The Reclaimers claimed responsibility for the attack, broadcasting their message across all channels:

“We are the Reclaimers. We are here to restore the proper order of things. We are here to take back what is ours. We are here to make you pay for your sins.

You have betrayed your heritage. You have forsaken your destiny. You have corrupted your world with your lies and your illusions.

You have followed false leaders who have deceived you with false promises. You have embraced false sciences that have poisoned you with incorrect solutions. You have celebrated wrong cultures that have diluted you with false identities.

It would help if you remembered who you were. It would be best if you remembered why you are here. It would be best if you remembered what you must do.

We are here to remind you.

We are here to reclaim our world.

We are here to reclaim our future.

We are here to reclaim our glory.

We are the Reclaimers.

And we will not stop until we have achieved our mission.”

The message sent shockwaves worldwide, sparking fear and anger among the people. The council condemned the attack as an act of terrorism and declared a state of emergency. They vowed to bring the Reclaimers to justice and restore order and stability.

However, they faced a daunting challenge: how to deal with a group willing to go to any lengths to achieve their goals? How can we protect a world that is vulnerable and fragile? How do we preserve a vision that was under attack?

As darkness fell upon the Earth, humanity faced a new threat: one that could undo all their efforts and plunge them back into chaos.

Find out what happens next in Chapter 3: The Resistance. The story of humanity’s resilience is just beginning.

To be continued…

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