Chronicles of Survival: Chapter 2

Jake and Alice travel across the country, following the tracker’s directions. They encounter many dangers and obstacles: infected animals, hostile survivors, radioactive zones, collapsed bridges, and more. They also have to deal with their own fears, doubts, and emotions. They learn more about each other and their pasts and develop a bond of friendship and trust.

They finally reach Nevada, where the tracker shows them the location of Dr. Zane’s facility. It is a huge underground bunker, hidden under a mountain. It is guarded by high-tech security systems and armed forces. They realize they must find a way to sneak in without being detected.

They scout the area and discover a secret entrance that leads to a ventilation shaft. They decide to use it as their way in. They put on their masks and suits and crawl into the shaft. They hope the sensors or the cameras won’t discover them.

They make their way through the shaft, avoiding the fans and the wires. They hear noises and voices coming from below. They realize that they are close to the facility’s core. They look for an exit to Dr. Zane’s lab.

They find one and open it carefully. They see a large room filled with computers, monitors, wires, and machines. They also see a man sitting in front of a console, wearing a white coat and glasses. He has gray hair and a beard. He is typing something on a keyboard.

They recognize him as Dr. Zane.

They sneak into the room, aiming their guns at him. They shout at him to freeze and surrender.

He turns around and looks at them with a calm expression.

“Hello,” he says. “I’ve been expecting you.”

He presses a button on his console.

Suddenly, red lights and sirens filled the room.

To be continued…

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