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How to get DigitalOcean $100 credit for free?

These are the steps on how to get DigitalOcean $100 credit for free. Be mindful the $100 credit you’ll get will expire in 60 days if you don’t use it.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To complete all of these steps, be sure to prepare your credit/debit card credentials or PayPal. Also, prepare to open your e-mail inbox.

  • Click this link to get Digital Ocean $100 free credits (it will open new tab)

After you open it in new tab, switch to this new tab and leave this page open.

As you can see, you have options to sign up using Google or Github or your e-mail. If you already have Google or GitHub, I’ll recommend to sign up using one of these services.

  • Confirm your e-mail

Assuming you sign up using your e-mail, you’ll need to open your e-mail and click the confirmation link there. If you don’t receive it, check on your spam box. If you still don’t see it, just click the Resend Invite button at the bottom.

After you get the e-mail, open it, and click the confirmation link there.

  • Set up your billing

You can use either credit or debit card, or use PayPal. Do remember that you will not be charged until all of $100 credits used or expired.

But if you’re using PayPal, you need to deposit a small amount like $5. Digital Ocean will add it to your account credit. So, you’ll have $105 credits on your account.

  • Decide on what to do with your $100 credits.

You can create droplet. Or even set up your own VPN server using one of your droplets there. If you decide to use it as your own VPN server, one of the fastest and easiest way to set up is using this GitHub script:

How I get Digital Ocean $100 credit?

I don’t remember clearly. As far as I remember I am just browsing here and there then notice a text link somewhere among sites I read that reads (more or less): Get $100 bonus on Digital Ocean or something. I just clicked that and follow the steps I’ve mentioned above.

Now, here I am, getting the $100 free credits from DO for next 2 months (60 days).

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