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November 6, 2022
6 Most Prominent Ruby IDE for Linux

There were many IDEs out there that supports Ruby on Linux. However, not all of them are good. Here’s the list of recommended Ruby IDE you can use on Linux. The list based on my first-hand experience. It sorts by the alphabetical order. That means, the first Ruby IDE on Linux mentioned on the list doesn’t mean it’s better than the others below it. Some of the IDEs below are on the cloud and accessible through modern web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

March 7, 2020
9 things you need to know about Visual Studio Code

As far as I know, Visual Studio IDE is heavy. The last version I’ve used was Visual Studio 2008. I used it to finish my last assignment using VB.Net twelve years ago. My experience showed me it’s one of the heaviest IDE I ever used. It’s as heavy as Netbeans or Eclipse. At that time, I run Windows Vista or 7, can’t remember well. That’s the reason I just ignore a friend’s recommendation to give it a try.