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October 16, 2020
How I Migrate My Old Laptop From Lubuntu To Debian

Background story I bought this old laptop (Dell Inspiron 3421 2GB RAM) in 2012. When it’s new, it came with Ubuntu 10.04. Over the years, its performance becomes slower. It comes to an unusable point for me. Since 2015, I hardly use it. Near the end of 2019, I began to explore my options to revive this old junk. It’s not in good condition. I’ve already thrown away the battery because it’s not working anymore.

October 10, 2020
How to prevent a frozen desktop on Linux

Background story I migrated my old laptop Dell Inspiron 3421 to Debian 10 some days ago. I’ll share the details on another post. This Debian 10 runs with gnome-core, so it’s using the Gnome desktop environment. At first, everything seems running smoothly. I open a few Reddit tabs on its default browser, Firefox ESR. Nothing sluggish on this laptop with 2GB RAM. At this point, I don’t install any packages other than those: