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Tag: netlify wordpress

June 20, 2019
Hosting WordPress on Netlify

Is it possible to host a WordPress blog or site on the Netlify platform? Because we already know that Netlify only allows you to host a static HTML site. So, how to do hosting WordPress on Netlify? Is it possible for hosting WordPress on Netlify in the first place? The answer is yes. It is possible, but with some tricks. In short We need to convert the whole WordPress site into a fully working static HTML site.

June 5, 2019
Why I move back to WordPress

A long story about how and why I move back to WordPress after migrating to Netlify service (from WordPress), and now going back to use WordPress CMS again. Six months ago, I decided to move my blog (this one) from WordPress to Netlify, and convert it into a barely static site. See this story for details. Now it turns out that many things don’t work smoothly. Although the speed of the site improved significantly on Netlify, compared to when it was still on Namecheap hosting, many other problems can’t be neglected.

June 3, 2019
Why I move from WordPress to Netlify

It’s not because WordPress is bad, or I hate it. In fact, I am a huge fan of WordPress, and I still consider it one of my favorite CMS. I also bet most of the people who don’t know much about HTML and CSS, would prefer to have a site running with WordPress. So, here’s why I move from WordPress to Netlify. The problem for me is it is overkill .