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July 4, 2019
Best IDE for Ruby on Rails

I have been working with Ruby on Rails since 2012. During these seven years quests, I stumbled upon many IDE for Ruby on Rails. I found some of them are the best for my need as a Rails developer. Thus, that can be the best for yours too, my fellow Rails developer. RubyMine During my earliest year as Rails developer, when I still work as an in-house developer on a local web development house, I use this RubyMine IDE.

June 12, 2019
List of useful gems to build Ruby on Rails app

Here’s the list of useful gems to build Ruby on Rails app. This list may help you to start with a new Rails app. I used most of the gems listed below and I only listed the gems that are still maintained. The list I built here is assuming you’re using the latest Ruby on Rails stable version: Ruby 2.6.x Rails 5.2.x or at least Rails 3.

June 3, 2019
Heroku SSL on the root domain

How to make it works? How to set up Heroku SSL on the root domain? Before you continue to read, here’s what my problem (which may be similar to yours). One of client’s Rails app running on Heroku, which I’ve handled since 2012, can’t be accessed by https://domain.com. Yet it’s working when you access it through https://domain.com. With this way, you’ll be redirected to https://www.domain.com. Fyi, https://www.domain.com had been the preferred URL since the web was launched many years ago.

June 3, 2019
Recommended services to host Ruby on Rails apps

Here are some recommended services to host your Ruby on Rails apps. They’re ordered by alphabet and it does not mean one service is better than the others. I listed those services, which I had experience with them. Do remember that, each service had its own advantages and its own disadvantages. You need to choose it based on your project’s needs. If needed, consult with your developer before choosing one of them.

June 3, 2019
Saving costs on Heroku for Ruby on Rails apps

These are some tips to save your costs when running Ruby on Rails apps on Heroku.com. These tips were mainly for developers. You may send those to them though you can do some of the tips by yourself. So, let’s start with the best way for saving costs on Heroku for your Ruby on Rails apps. Verify your Heroku account with a credit card to get 1000 free dyno hours per month If you don’t’ verify your account, you only got 650 dyno hours.