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February 19, 2020
How to fix undetected OG tags on Shopify

The problem happened some days ago. One of Shopify stores I am working on doesn’t display the correct image when we share it to Facebook. At first, I think it’s a problem with missing the Open Graph meta tags (OG tags). But I was wrong. The OG tags were there when I view the page’s source. So, here’s my story how I fix undetected OG tags on Shopify store. Yet, Facebook Sharing Debugger is still showing a warning about missing OG tags.

December 7, 2019
How to remove “Default Title” from Shopify store for good

It happened at my client’s store, which running on Shopify. There’s strange “Default Title” text on some products page. The strong HTML tag wrapped that text. At first, I put on some jQuery scripts to remove it when the page loaded. Yesterday, suddenly that didn’t work anymore. The store is using the Minimal theme with some customizations to fit my client’s needs. I’ve made sure all of the customizations have nothing to do with this strange “Default Title” text.