The Importance of Technology to Non-Profit Organizations

Business or profit-making organizations are the main focus when thinking of technology, but other organizations can still benefit from technological advancements that improve efficiency, accuracy, and communication. For instance, church software programs help the organization manage its members, contributions, projects, contact members, check church attendance and remember special events such as members' birthdays. Most of the software programs available are easy to use and can be custom designed to an organization’s structure. How do nonprofit organizations benefit?

Technology Helps Create Awareness and Boost Expansion

When you have an online platform, you are no longer serving your local community’s needs but those of the entire world as long as they can access the internet. If a church has a virtual service, anyone can log in and follow the proceedings. If you are growth conscious, you can reach more people with the right technology. When fundraising or creating awareness about an event, it’s easier to do it with technology. People all over the world can be aware of your organization and what you do.

Better Accountability

A nonprofit organization thrives on accountability. It’s hard to account for the funds received, projects in progress, and members involved if you don’t have a software program to do it. Paperwork can be tedious, ineffective, and not conclusive. You can have a software program customized to your needs. For instance, when you fundraise, you would want to know how much every individual contributed, their details, including mode of payment. Many donors and regulatory bodies wish to get NGOs' data or information to ensure funds are used correctly, and there are no irregularities in the operations. With a software program, collecting data becomes more manageable.


Many nonprofits may not have the necessary financial backing to employ enough workers to handle all the tasks. Automation and technology investments close the employment gaps to boost efficiency. For instance, when fundraising, or holding a physical event means having enough workforce cater to the guests and ensure everything runs smoothly. When you have a system that enables donors to make contributions when and however they wish, you may attract more people. 99% of NGOs have websites, and out of this, 72% have online payment software that targets online donations. If you have international members, they will attend or follow the proceedings through a virtual meeting.

Data Protection

Think of a situation where an NGO has all its data in paper form and is safely locked away in cabinets or a storage room then one day a storm hits the town, and everything is swept away, or a fire breaks out. Even a malicious person can access the files and destroy or steal them, leading to vital data loss. To avoid this, have a digital platform for all organization’s operations. If you have to store any physical data, make sure there is a copy of the same safely stored on the cloud.

To achieve your company’s digital demands, work with an experienced provider who understands your field. Also, check various options available then make an informed choice.

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