They Fled The Earth before Asteroid Hit - The Final Countdown

The sky was on fire. A massive asteroid, bigger than the moon, was hurtling toward Earth at an unstoppable speed. Scientists had detected it too late, and there was no time to launch countermeasures. The impact was inevitable and would wipe out all life on the planet.

Most people had given up hope and resigned themselves to their fate. Some prayed, some cried, some raged. Some tried to enjoy their last moments with their loved ones, while others indulged in their darkest impulses.

But not everyone had given up. A small group of survivors, led by a brilliant scientist named Dr. Alice Chen, had a daring plan to escape the apocalypse. They had secretly built a spaceship in an underground bunker, using scavenged parts and stolen technology. Their goal was to find a new planet to call home, somewhere in the vastness of space.

Dr. Chen had handpicked her crew from among her colleagues and friends. They were the best and brightest in their fields, but also the most adventurous and rebellious. They had risked everything to join her mission, leaving behind their families and careers.

The crew consisted of:

• Dr. Alice Chen, the leader and pilot of the spaceship. She was an expert in astrophysics and aerospace engineering, as well as a skilled hacker and inventor. She had a vision of a better future for humanity, one that was free from war, pollution, and oppression.

• Dr. Raj Patel, the co-pilot, and navigator of the spaceship. He was a genius in mathematics and computer science, as well as a master of chess and puzzles. He had a calm and logical mind, but also a playful and sarcastic sense of humor.

• Dr. Maria Gonzalez, the medic and biologist of the spaceship. She was a pioneer in genetics and nanotechnology, as well as a compassionate and caring healer. She had a passion for life and diversity, but also a fierce and loyal spirit.

• Dr. Leo Jones, the engineer, and mechanic of the spaceship. He was a prodigy in robotics and artificial intelligence, a creative and resourceful tinkerer. He had a curiosity for machines and gadgets, but also a warm and friendly personality.

• Dr. Zoe Smith, the scientist and explorer of the spaceship. She was an authority in geology and astronomy, an avid and courageous adventurer. She had a thirst for knowledge and discovery, but also a fun and spontaneous attitude.

Together, they were the last hope for humanity.

The countdown had begun.

Dr. Chen checked the monitors and controls in the cockpit of the spaceship. Everything was ready for launch.

“Are we all set?” she asked through the intercom.

“All systems go,” Dr. Patel replied.

“Medical supplies loaded,” Dr. Gonzalez confirmed from the back.

“Engine running smoothly,” Dr. Jones reported from below.

“Planet candidates selected,” Dr. Smith announced from above.

“Good,” Dr. Chen said. “Then let’s get out of here.”

She pressed a button, activating the cloaking device that hid the spaceship from detection.

“Initiating launch sequence,” she said.

The spaceship lifted from its hidden silo, blasting through layers of rock and soil until it reached the surface.

The crew gasped as they saw the fiery spectacle outside their windows.

The asteroid was looming over them, filling half of the sky with its dark and jagged shape.

It looked like a giant mountain falling from heaven.

They could see smaller rocks breaking off their surface, raining down on Earth like deadly meteors.

They could hear the screams of millions below them, terrified by their impending doom.

They could feel the heat and shockwaves from the impacts, shaking their spaceship-like an earthquake.

They could smell the burns, choking their lungs like poison.

They could taste the fear and despair in their mouths, bitter like bile.

They were witnessing the end of the world.

But they were not going to die with it.

Dr. Chen steered the spaceship toward the upper atmosphere, dodging debris and explosions.

She activated the thrusters, boosting their speed to escape Earth’s gravity.

She set their course toward the nearest wormhole, a shortcut through space-time that would take them to another galaxy.

She looked at her crewmates, who nodded back at her with determination.

They were leaving everything behind - their home planet, history, and culture - but they were also starting anew - their journey, destiny, and future.

They were going to find a new Earth. Or die trying.

To be continued…

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