Chronicles of War: Time's Redemption - Chapter 22

She refused to give up, however. She was not the type to surrender without a fight. She remembered what Nakamura had told her before she left for the mission.

“Yumi, you are the best agent I have ever worked with. You have a brilliant mind, a brave heart, and a strong will. You can do anything you set your mind to. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your goals. And don’t let anyone take away your happiness. You deserve it, Yumi. You deserve to be happy.”

She smiled as she recalled his words, feeling a warmth in her chest. She loved him, and he loved her. They had confessed their feelings for each other before she left, and they had shared a passionate kiss. They had promised to see each other again, to start a new life together.

She was not going to let that promise go unfulfilled.

She was not going to let the traitors win.

She was not going to let them erase her happiness.

She looked at her team, who were also staring at the screen in disbelief and despair. She saw fear and resignation in their eyes, but she also saw loyalty and determination.

They were her friends, her comrades, her family.

They had been through many missions together, facing many dangers and challenges. They had always supported each other, protected each other, and trusted each other.

They were not going to let each other down.

They were not going to let the Vanguard down.

They were not going to let the world down.

She spoke to them with a firm and confident voice, trying to inspire them with courage and hope.

“Listen up, team. We are not done yet. We still have a chance to stop this madness. We still have a chance to save the timeline. We still have a chance to save ourselves.”

She pointed at the screen, where the timer read: 00:04:00

“That bomb is not invincible. It has a power source, it has a mechanism, it has a weakness. We just need to find it and exploit it. We just need to use our brains and our skills and our gadgets. We just need to work together and trust each other.”

She looked at each of them in turn, making eye contact and nodding.

“We are the best of the best, team. We are the elite agents of the Vanguard. We are the guardians of time and history. We are the heroes of this story.”

She clenched her fist and raised it in the air as if making a vow.

“We will not let this bomb go off. We will not let this timeline be erased. We will not let this story end here.”

She lowered her fist and pointed at the door behind them, where they had entered the bunker.

“We will find a way out of this bunker. We will find a way back to Nakamura and the others. We will find a way back to our lives.”

She smiled and winked at them as if making a joke.

“We will find a way back to our happy ending.”

She turned around and ran towards the door, followed by her team.

The timer read: 00:03:00 To be continued…

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