Chronicles of War: Time's Redemption - Chapter 21

The traitors were not idle, however. They had sensed the Vanguard’s approach and had prepared their defenses. They had hidden themselves in a secret bunker, protected by a temporal shield that distorted time and space. They had also planted bombs throughout the city, ready to detonate them.

Their demands were simple: they wanted to undo the altered timeline and restore the original history. They believed that the Vanguard had committed a grave mistake by changing the course of events and that they had a duty to correct it. They claimed they had evidence of a looming catastrophe that would befall the world if they didn’t reverse the altered timeline.

They broadcasted their message to the public, hoping to sway them to their side. They showed images of the original history, depicting a world that was peaceful, prosperous, and free of conflict. They contrasted it with the altered timeline, showing a world that was plagued by war, poverty, and oppression. They argued that the Vanguard had robbed them of their rightful destiny and that they had to fight back.

The traitor successfully divided the public’s opinion, some believing their claims, others supporting the Vanguard’s actions. They threw the city into chaos, as riots and protests erupted in the streets. The Vanguard had to deal with both the traitors and the public unrest, as they tried to maintain order and stability.

Agent Yumi led a team of elite agents to infiltrate the traitors' bunker, hoping to disable their shield and capture them. She knew that it would be a dangerous mission, but she was confident in her skills and her team. She had a personal stake in this mission, as she recognized one of the traitors as her former mentor and friend.

She had trained under him when she joined the Vanguard, and he had taught her everything she knew about temporal manipulation. He had been like a father to her, and she had trusted him implicitly. She could not understand why he had betrayed them, why he had turned against everything they stood for.

She hoped to find answers in his bunker, and perhaps even persuade him to surrender peacefully. She did not want to hurt him, but she was prepared to do whatever it took to stop him.

She and her team approached the bunker stealthily, avoiding detection by the traitors' sensors. They used a device that Nakamura had developed, which allowed them to bypass the temporal shield by creating a small wormhole. They entered the bunker, armed with weapons and gadgets designed to counteract any temporal anomalies.

They expected to face resistance from the traitors' guards, but they found none. The bunker was eerily quiet as if abandoned. They proceeded cautiously, scanning for any signs of life or traps.

They reached the main control room, where they expected to find the traitors. But instead of seeing them there, they found a large screen that displayed a countdown timer.

It read: 00:05:00

Below it was a message:

“Welcome to our final act, Agent Yumi. We have anticipated your arrival, and we prepared a surprise for you. In five minutes, we will activate our ultimate weapon: a temporal bomb that will erase the altered timeline from existence. There is no way to stop it, no way to escape it. You have failed, Agent Yumi. You have failed us all.”

Agent Yumi felt a surge of shock and anger as she read the message. She realized it was a trap, that the traitors had lured them here to witness their final victory.

She looked around frantically, hoping to find a way to dismantle the bomb or contact Nakamura for backup. But she saw no wires or switches or buttons that could help her. She saw no communication devices or terminals that could connect her to the outside world.

She felt helpless and hopeless as she watched the timer tick down.

She wondered if this was how it would end.

She wondered if she would ever see Nakamura again.

She wondered if he would forgive her for failing him.

She wondered if he would remember her at all.

To be continued…

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