Complete Guide About Kindle Cloud Reader

You can see it all over the internet. The Kindle Cloud Reader is one of the most revolutionizing technologies that are invented up-to-date. But what exactly is it and why should you take time to sign up for it? Here’s exactly why and keep reading this ultimate and most complete guide about it.


The Kindle Cloud Reader is a way for you to read Kindle books online in the web browser. It derives from the developers of the Amazon Kindle which has been around since 2007. The Amazon Kindle is a series of electronic readers, or e-readers, that are designed and marketed by Amazon.

These devices enable users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, and other digital media via wireless networking to the Kindle Store. So, it is like reading a book but you can have thousands of them stored in just one electronic device.

This is a giant leap for those who love to read books and magazines as they could have a handy device in which all of their readings are stored. It takes up lesser physical storage space but maximizes your access to different types of media.

As of March 2018, the Kindle store has over six million books available in the United States. That means there are over millions of stored information you can easily access through your Kindle and have them all stored in just a single device.

How handy is that? The days you would need a large bag for you to bring home different books with just pieces of information are gone now. So, read on this complete guide about Kindle Cloud Reader

What is a Kindle Cloud Reader?

So, if you are curious about what a Kindle Cloud Reader is then you might have been familiar with how you work with the Kindle itself. It is oddly familiar to those who often buy ebooks at Amazon.

This because every time you select an e-book to purchase and choose a delivery method you can see several options. You can opt to “Deliver to Kindle” which will take you directly to read the book on your Kindle device. You can choose the “Deliver to Kindle for PC” option which you can access with an installed Kindle for your desktop. Additionally, you can now choose to “Deliver to someone’s Kindle Cloud Reader”.

The Kindle Cloud Reader is a web application for online reading and library management. This means, instead of installing an application or additional Kindle software for your desktop, you can have the option to just deliver the e-book on your Kindle Cloud Reader. Then, it can be accessed in any kind of device anytime, anywhere, using the web browser.

The Kindle Cloud Reader is a free, web-based application that you can visit by going to The difference now with the Kindle Cloud Reader application is you do not have to spend money on a Kindle e-reader, Amazon Fire tablet, or on any smartphone.

More about Kindle Cloud Reader

You just need to access it on any device you have which you have access to the Internet. You will simply need your device and an Amazon account. If you still don’t have an Amazon account, it’s very easy to do! You can have one with just some simple taps on your device.

If you are familiar with the previous Kindle apps, you can see that the Kindle Cloud Reader has the same interface with these apps. People are commonly confused with these three terms – the Amazon Cloud Drive, Kindle Cloud Library and the Kindle Cloud Reader.

To make it clear, these three are three different terms and have their own sets of functions. It is important to know that these terms should not be used interchangeably with one another.

Amazon Cloud Drive


The Amazon Cloud Drive is a cloud storage device that is offered by Amazon. Think of it as your Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox. This cloud drive does not have anything to do with your Kindle books. You can use this cloud-based application to store your pictures, videos and other personal documents that can be made available from any device (take note, just not with a Kindle e-Reader) by simply signing in to your Amazon Cloud Drive account.

Kindle Cloud Library

The Kindle Cloud Library is your own personal Kindle Library. This means that all the books you have purchased and stored to your Kindle account can be seen in this cloud library. This can be accessed from any Kindle device, application, and through the Kindle Cloud Reader.

Kindle Cloud Reader

The Kindle Cloud Reader, in comparison to the two terms, is a way to access your Kindle Cloud Library via the web browser. So, this is just another website wherein you can sign in to for you to access your cloud library.

How To Create An Amazon Account?

The first step you need to do to get a Kindle Cloud Reader account is to set-up your Amazon account.

  • Go to On the upper right corner of the page, go to the “Sign In” option and select “Start Here” to create your new account.

  • Choose the “Create Your Amazon Account” option.

  • Create your account by filling in the important details. It will require you to provide your name, e-mail address, and create a password. Click “Create your Amazon Account”.

  • You now see the Kindle Cloud Reader page.

  • It’s possible to opt to choose to enable the offline setting to make your e-book available for offline reading.

  • Now on your Kindle Library page. Your downloaded and purchased books from the Amazon Kindle Store will be shown here. If you still haven’t made any purchases, you can select the “Shop Kindle Store” option.

  • You are now on the Kindle Store homepage. You can search the website for your favorite book.

  • After choosing which book you will check out, you can now purchase the book and have the option to deliver it to your Kindle Cloud Reader.

How do I get to my Kindle Cloud Reader?

You can get to your Kindle Cloud Reader by accessing it through any device. You can access it through your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or any device which can connect securely to the internet.

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in with your Amazon account.

  3. It will take you to the Kindle Cloud Reader homepage where you can see your downloaded and purchased books (if you have one), or if you still don’t have any, it will take you to the Kindle Store for your first e-book purchase.

Is the Kindle Cloud Reader free?

The answer is yes! It is free. All you have to do is sign-up. No need to pay for membership fees. The Kindle Cloud Reader is a free, web-based application that you can visit by going to

What are the browsers that support the Kindle Cloud Reader?

The Kindle Cloud Reader can be accessed through any browser of your choice. However, you must make sure that it can support HTML5 which is a new and strong web standard that older versions of browsers cannot support. The browsers you can use to access the Kindle Cloud Reader are the following:

  • Google Chrome

  • Apple Safari (both for PC and iPad)

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Internet Explorer 10 (unfortunately, older versions of Internet Explorer cannot support the Kindle Cloud Reader)

What are the features of the Kindle Cloud Reader?

1. It supports offline reading.

The Kindle Cloud Reader fully supports offline reading. This simply means that you can read your downloaded information anytime and anywhere without you having to be connected to the internet. The Kindle Cloud Reader can store content up to 50 MB. The great thing about this is when space is already full, the older content will be deleted.

During your first log-in with the Kindle Cloud Reader, it will prompt you to set-up the offline reading so the feature will be ready after you have downloaded content to read.

2. It automatically stores the book you have read recently.

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through different books and checking its first few pages to check if you would want to read it further and jump to the next book for you to explore and just suddenly find yourself tracing back the books you’ve skimmed before and now you just can’t read it? If this happens most of the time for you then you are not alone. Thankfully, the Kindle Cloud Reader automatically stores the recent books you have opened and read. At the same time, you can store books by yourself.

Important: It stored the content you have previously downloaded is locally by the browser and not by account. This means that if you have downloaded a book through your phone when you access the Kindle Cloud Reader using your laptop, the content you have downloaded through your phone won’t be there. If you would like the content to be available for offline reading on your laptop then you would have to download it again. However, the books you’ve purchased, bookmarks and notes you have made will not be lost as these data are stored at the Amazon server.

3. You can easily manage books through library management.

The Kindle Cloud Reader works the same way with the Kindle App and Kindle App for PC. You can easily organize and arrange your books into any type of classification you want. Then sort it by its title, author or recently read and it can be viewed through two display modes which are grid and list. After that, you can adjust the cover size for easy viewing.

All your books shall be listed under the Cloud tab. Only the books you have downloaded will show under the Download Tab. You can remove books through the drag-down button “Remove Book” so you can make some room for your newly downloaded books. Don’t worry! Once you remove a book, this will just be removed on your Downloads tab but it will still be retained in your Cloud tab so you can go back to that every once in a while.

4. Customize the interface easily.

You will be able to easily adjust all reading settings according to your preference – from the font size, margins, color mode, to the column layout. You can as well lookup words, take notes, and highlight text. The notes you have taken and the words you have highlighted will be stored with your Amazon account, which you can view with any device.

5. Effortlessly sync it with your other devices.

With the Kindle Cloud Reader, you can easily sync your book cloud, bookmarks, reading progress, notes, and highlights if you access your Amazon account in a different device. This means that you can effortlessly take off from a device to another when reading a book. You won’t have to worry about bringing your bulky laptop once you’re out and miss out on reading your book. All you have to do is to sign in with your Amazon account and you’re good to read it with your handheld device.

6. It is good for iPad use.

The iPad may as well be one of those commercially used readers out there which can provide you the ease and convenience of reading. The Kindle Cloud Reader can be best experienced with an iPad, as claimed by its developer Amazon. The difference between the Kindle Cloud Reader on a desktop and an iPad is that the Kindle Cloud Reader in an iPad looks a lot more like an app (only without the hassle of having to download the app itself). For the desktop version, the interface of the Kindle Cloud Reader looks a lot more like an Amazon website rather than an app.

How do I read Kindle Cloud Reader offline?

The Kindle Cloud Reader can be read offline by simply enabling the “Offline Reading” feature.

Here is how it can be done:

For Google Chrome or Safari

  1. From Kindle Cloud Reader, click Library or refresh the page.

  2. Follow the on-screen prompts.

For Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the lock icon, click More Information, then click the Permissions tab.

  2. Scroll to the Maintain Offline Storage section, uncheck Use Default if it is checked, then select Allow.

  3. Return to Kindle Cloud Reader and refresh the page.

For Internet Explorer

  1. Click the Gear icon and select Internet Options.

  2. Click Settings under the General tab.

  3. Click the Caches and Databases tab at the top of the window, then check Allow website caches and databases.

  4. Click OK on the Website Data Settings window, then click OK in the Internet Options window to save your changes.

Important: Make sure that you have the latest version of your web browsers as the Kindle Cloud Reader is running on HTML5. It is a more advanced and sophisticated web language that can only run on the latest web browsers. So, if you want to skip the hassle, then make sure that your web browser is updated.

Can I download from Kindle Cloud Reader?

Yes, you download books from your Kindle Cloud Reader. Here are the steps you have to follow:

  1. Go to

  2. Log in to your Amazon account.

  3. At the Library page, left-click on the book you would want to download.

  4. There will be a drop-down list that will show, select “Download & Pin Book”.

  5. Go to the Downloaded tab to view your downloaded books.

Take note that you cannot view your downloaded files if you switch from a browser or a device to another. Only the books you have saved on your cloud will be shown in other devices as this information is linked with your Amazon account, as well as your highlighted texts and notes.

Why Should I Use the Kindle Cloud Reader?

Even if you are an avid reader or just an occasional one, you won’t know when the urge to read will strike you. The bad thing is, you did not carry around a book with you as you thought it won’t be necessary. Aside from that, you still don’t decide which book you should read. It is like a certain taste you are craving, and it is not that easy to find a book in a bookstore. Now, the convenience of the Kindle Cloud Reader takes part. Here are some other reasons why you should use the Kindle Cloud Reader.

1. It is convenient, reliable, and accessible.

You don’t have to bring all your books just for you to get a piece of information from it. Because you can have all the information you need in just one sitting. No need to bring your device with you. You can log in to your Amazon account in a computer or coffee shop and start reading. How convenient is that?

2. It automatically added the books to your Library.

It automatically added the books you have stored to your Amazon Cloud Reader web application every time you purchase a new one from Amazon. You do not have to worry about losing it along the way. However, it is important to note that you can only access your downloads within the browser you have taken it from.

3. It has a similar feel to a book.

Well, it is a book only that this time it is electronic. You won’t have to worry about tearing a page, losing the whole book itself, or covering it with plastic to protect it. Most devices are very accessible nowadays so logging in won’t pose a problem for you. It also gives you a similar reading experience which you can get from reading a physical book.

4. Offline mode is your buddy when you are traveling.

This works best if you have a handheld smartphone or laptop with you always. You don’t even have to log in. All you need to have is your device and you can view your saved books anytime and anywhere. This is helpful if you are traveling or going to a place with no internet connection.

5. It syncs all your books across all your devices.

You won’t have to worry about using one single device just to pick up from where you left it from. The Kindle Cloud Reader synced your notes, highlights, and bookmarks in any device you use. Just be sure to log in from a single Amazon account.

6. You can highlight, note, and bookmark pages.

Just like the experience with a regular book, you can also highlight, note, and bookmark memorable lines and pages for future reference. Of course, minus the guilt of having to put a mark on the book. If you make a mistake in highlighting or noting details, you can easily delete it and start a new one without having to worry about messing up the pages.

7. Your storage spaces at home will thank you.

You will have fewer books in your bookshelves. Meaning that fewer books will have to catch the dust and dirt inside your space. You can save a lot of space and money by going digital.

8. You are saving a lot of money.

Physical books, whether it’s soft or hardbound, cost a lot of money because of the production of putting the words onto paper and eventually compiling the papers and turning them into a book. E-books are generally a lot cheaper than softbound or hardbound copies.

9. You are helping the environment.

Have you ever imagined how many trees are in your bookshelf? Okay, so it’s not the trees per se but its remains are what makes up the pages of your book. With e-books, you do not have to worry about your paper consumption because you get the experience of a book, only that it’s paperless.

Other Tips and Facts That You Should Know About The Kindle Cloud Reader

You can access your Kindle books from any device with a web browser.

Again, it is important to stress out that you don’t need to own a smartphone, e-book reader, tablet or laptop to access the Kindle Cloud Reader. All you have to look for is any device that can connect to the internet and has a supported web browser and you are good to go. You can easily access your account in a public space like a library or internet cafe.

It is available for Kindle users all over the world.

Wherever you are in the world, you can access the Kindle Store so you can download a new book to read. Also, you can read at any convenient place thanks to the offline reading feature. So, make sure before you leave for your next business trip or vacation, you have already signed up for your Amazon account to experience the limitless books the Kindle Store has to offer.

There are free books from the Kindle Store.

It’s your first time to try the app out and you want to check if it is worth it. Don’t worry, Amazon has covered it for you. After signing up for free, you can freely browse the Kindle Store for free books. That’s right, there are free books from the Kindle Store. Really, what’s there to lose? All you have are everything to gain from. There is no acceptable excuse for you not to try and sign up for the Kindle Cloud Reader.

You cannot add or read your files.

So, you have this PDF or EPUB format of a book you would want to upload to your Kindle account so you can access it anytime — unfortunately, that cannot happen. This because Amazon created the Kindle Cloud Reader to prevent potential virus threats and hacks. As much as it would be a downside for some, it is an advantage that you won’t able to do this. This means that other people cannot add or read their files with the cloud reader app, as well so you are certain the books, magazines, and newspapers you download from the Kindle Store are free of virus and potential threats.


Listed above is everything you need and should know about the Kindle Cloud Reader. Now we know that the Kindle Cloud Reader was developed by a trustworthy brand that has been around for years which is Amazon.

Aside from that, signing up for the service is completely free and you can also download books for you to try to read without any charge. You don’t even need to set-up your payment options to download these free books (and that’s when you know what it is legitimately free).

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