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Crusade's Mystical Secrets: Chapter 3

They made their way through the dark and narrow streets of Jerusalem, avoiding the clashes between the Christian and Muslim armies. They followed the directions given by the scroll, which led them to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the site where Jesus was crucified, buried, and resurrected.

They entered the church, feeling a sense of awe and reverence. They saw pilgrims and priests praying and singing, venerating the holy relics and icons. They also saw soldiers and knights guarding the entrances and exits, preventing intruders from disrupting the sacred place.

They blended in with the crowd, pretending to be devout worshippers. They looked for a hidden passage that would take them to the underground chamber. They found it behind a curtain, disguised as a confession booth. They slipped inside, closing the curtain behind them.

They descended a spiral staircase, lit by torches. They felt a chill in the air as if they were leaving behind the world of the living and entering the realm of the dead. They reached a large iron door, with a lock and a keyhole. They searched for a key that would fit but found none.

They examined the door more closely and noticed a small inscription above the keyhole. It read:

“Only he who holds the key of David can open this door,

Only he who knows the word of God can enter this chamber,

Only he who proves his worth can claim this artifact.”

They realized this was a riddle, a test of their faith and knowledge. They recalled that the key of David was a symbol of authority and power, given to Jesus as the Messiah and King of Israel. They also remembered that the word of God was another name for Jesus, as well as for the Bible, the sacred scripture.

They deduced that they had to find a word that was both the name of Jesus and a part of the Bible. They thought of several possibilities, such as Christ, Lord, Savior, Emmanuel, or Alpha and Omega.

They tried each word, inserting it into the keyhole as if it were a key. None of them worked. The door remained closed.

They grew frustrated and impatient. They wondered if they had missed or if they had chosen the wrong words. They looked at the scroll again, hoping to find a clue or a hint.

They noticed there was another symbol on the scroll, next to the Templar insignia. It was a cross with four equal arms, each ending in three points. They recognized it as the Jerusalem cross, a symbol of Christianity and crusading.

They wondered if this cross had something to do with the riddle. They counted the number of points on each arm of the cross: three. They multiplied this number by four: twelve. They realized that this was also the number of apostles who followed Jesus.

They thought of another word that was both the name of Jesus and a part of the Bible: John. John was one of the apostles, as well as one of the four evangelists who wrote the gospels. John was also called “the beloved disciple” who had a special relationship with Jesus.

They decided to try this word, hoping it would be right. They inserted it into the keyhole, spelling it out letter by letter: J-O-H-N.

The door clicked open.

They smiled at each other, relieved. They had solved the riddle and passed the test. They pushed open the door and entered the chamber.

They gasped at what they saw.

The chamber was filled with light and glory. In its center stood a golden pedestal, on which rested an object that shone like a star. It was shaped like a cross, but with four equal arms that ended in three points. It was identical to the Jerusalem cross on their scroll.

It was also identical to an artifact they had heard about in legends and myths: The Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail was said to be the cup that Jesus used at his last supper with his disciples. It was also said to have caught his blood when he was crucified on the cross. People believed it to have miraculous powers: to heal any wound or illness, to grant eternal life or youth, or to reveal divine secrets or visions.

It was also one of the most sought-after relics in history: by kings and knights, saints and sinners, heroes and villains.

And now it was before their eyes.

They approached it slowly, cautiously, reverently. They felt its presence radiating warmth and grace. They felt its power pulsing with life and light.

They reached out their hands to touch it.

But before they could do so,

A voice boomed from behind them:

“Stop! Do not touch it! It is not yours to take!”

They turned around and saw a man standing at the doorway.

He wore a cloak and hood, and held a sword in his hand.

He looked at them with anger and contempt.

He said: “I am the guardian of this chamber, the keeper of this grail, the enemy of your crusade. I am the defender of Jerusalem. I am Saladin.”

To be continued…

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