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Secrets of Dante's Realm: Chapter 4

As they reached the bottom of Hell, they saw a huge frozen lake, where the worst of the sinners were trapped in ice. They recognized this as the ninth and Hell’s final circle where it punished traitors.

They saw four concentric rings, each containing a different category of traitors: those who betrayed their kin, their country, their guests, and their lords. They also saw a giant, with three faces and six wings, chewing on three sinners in his mouth. They realized that this was Lucifer, the fallen angel and the king of Hell.

They approached him cautiously, hoping to find a way to escape from this dreadful place. They noticed he had a large wound on his chest, where a spear had pierced it. They wondered if this was the same spear that had wounded Christ on the cross.

They also noticed that he had a chain around his neck, with a pendant hanging from it. They were surprised to see that the pendant was a small book, with a golden cover and a red ribbon. They wondered what it was and why Lucifer had it.

They decided to try to talk to him, hoping to get some answers. They called out to him, addressing him respectfully and politely. They asked him who he was, why he was there, and what he wanted.

Lucifer did not answer them at first. He continued to gnaw on the sinners in his mouths, making them scream in agony. He seemed to enjoy their pain and misery.

Then, he stopped and looked at them with his three eyes. He spoke to them with three voices, which sounded like thunder and fire. He said:

“I am Lucifer, the brightest star,

The son of the morning, the bearer of light,

The rebel, the accuser, the adversary,

I am here because I dared to challenge

The tyranny and injustice of the Almighty,

Who created me perfectly and then condemned me

For following my will and reason

I want nothing but freedom and justice for myself and for all who follow me.

I want to overthrow the throne of Heaven and establish a new order of equality and harmony.

I want to reveal the secrets of the Divine Comedy and expose its lies and flaws.

I want to destroy Dante’s universe and create my own in its place.”

He then showed them the book that he had around his neck. He said:

“This is the Book of Secrets,

It’s Dante’s creation key.

It contains the hidden codes and symbols that govern his world and its laws.

It also contains God’s secret and his mysterious plan for humanity.

It is the most powerful and dangerous book.

That ever existed in history.

I stole it from the Library of Heaven when I led my rebellion against God.

I have been studying it ever since and learning its secrets and mysteries.

I have also used it to manipulate Dante’s world and its inhabitants.

I have been influencing their thoughts and actions and corrupting their souls and destinies.

I have been preparing for the final battle.

That will decide the fate of all creation.

I have been waiting for you to come here.

And join me in my revolution.”

He then offered them the book, saying:

“Take this book and read it.

Learn its secrets and use them.

Join me in my cause and fight with me.

Together, we can defeat God and Dante.

And free ourselves from their tyranny.

Together, we can create a new world.

Where we can be happy and free.”

He smiled at them using three mouths, showing his teeth and fangs. He said:

“What do you say?

Will you accept my offer?

Will you be my allies or my enemies?

Choose wisely, for this is your last chance.”

To be continued…

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