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Five reasons why I use Safari instead of other browsers on macOS

Better battery life.

It’s obvious. Since Safari is part of the macOS, it consumes much less battery than any third-party browser. Using Safari, I get almost twice the longer battery life compared to Chrome or Firefox.

Easy on the hardware.

Even though I used Safari for more than 24 hours, there is no sign of fan screaming when I use the old Macbook Air (Early 2015). With third- party browser, the fan will begin to run loudly even if I only browse the same thing for less than an hour.

Even better, when I am on Safari, attending a meeting on Jitsi never triggers the fan. However, when I am on Chrome or Firefox, the fan begins to run loudly. The laptop gets hotter after the first few minutes of the meeting.

Keep the MacBook cool.

I never notice it gets any warmer when I am on Safari. Even when I am not using it in the room with A/C, it doesn’t get any hotter. With Chrome, it always gets warmer in the first 30 minutes. Then, it becomes hotter through the hours.

Integrate natively.

Safari is part of macOS. So, it’s a native browser there. Here’s an example: Open any link to the App Store on Safari. Then, it opens the App Store with that App page. With Chrome, the link will open the web page instead of the App Store.

Disable images and javascript quickly

It is the feature I used most. When a site asks me to disable the ABP on Safari, I can go to Develop menu at the top and click Disable Javascript. Then, when I reload the page, it won’t ask to turn off the ABP.

The same goes for disabling the image. I can go to the Develop menu at the top and click Disable Images to browse the internet more quickly.

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