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She Dreamed of Dragons. Then She Found This! - The Dragon's Egg

Lena was a young mage who had always dreamed of seeing a dragon. She had read countless books and scrolls about the legendary creatures, their history, powers, and secrets. She had studied their lore and magic, hoping to learn more about them and their mysterious connection to the world.

But dragons were rare and elusive, and people believed they were extinct. The last recorded sighting of a dragon was over a century ago when a great war had ravaged the land and the skies. Since then, no one had ever seen or heard of a dragon again.

Lena refused to give up hope. She believed that dragons still existed somewhere, hidden from the eyes of men. Lena wanted to find them, talk to them, and befriend them. She wanted to fulfill her lifelong dream.

That’s why she joined the Adventurers' Guild, a group of brave and curious souls who explored the unknown and sought out discoveries. She had hoped that by joining them, she would have a chance to encounter a dragon on one of their quests.

But so far, she had been disappointed. Most of the quests she had taken were mundane and boring, involving fetching items, delivering messages, or fighting bandits. None of them had anything to do with dragons.

She was beginning to lose faith in her dream.

Until one day, when everything changed.

She was in the guild hall, looking at the quest board for something interesting. She scanned the various notices and flyers, hoping to find something that would catch her eye.

She saw one that did.

It was a simple piece of parchment, with a few words written in neat handwriting:

“Seeking adventurers for a dangerous expedition. Reward: 1000 gold coins. Details: Inquire at the Blue Moon Inn.”

Lena felt a surge of curiosity. A dangerous expedition? What could it be? And why such a high reward?

She decided to check it out. She took the parchment from the board and headed to the Blue Moon Inn.

The inn was a cozy and lively place, frequented by travelers and locals alike. Lena entered the main hall and looked around for someone who might be related to the quest.

She spotted a man sitting at a corner table, surrounded by maps and books. He looked like an explorer or a scholar, with his leather jacket, his glasses, and his beard. He also looked nervous and impatient, as he glanced at the door every few seconds.

Lena approached him cautiously. “Excuse me, sir,” she said politely. “Are you the one who posted this quest?” She showed him the parchment.

The man looked at her with surprise and relief. “Yes, yes I am,” he said eagerly. “You’re interested?”

Lena nodded. “I am. What is it about?”

The man smiled and gestured for her to sit down. “My name is Remy,” he introduced himself. “I’m an archaeologist and a historian. I specialize in ancient civilizations and cultures.”

Lena sat down across from him. “I’m Lena,” she said. “I’m a mage and an adventurer.”

Remy nodded approvingly. “A mage? Perfect! You’re just what I need!”

Lena raised an eyebrow. “What do you need me for?”

Remy leaned forward and lowered his voice. “I need you to help me find…a dragon’s egg.”

Lena’s eyes widened in surprise. “A dragon’s egg?” she asked incredulously. “You want to find a dragon’s egg? But dragons have been extinct for ages!”

Remy nodded. “That’s what most people think. But my research leads me to believe they are not extinct, just very good at hiding. And I have recently uncovered clues that suggest a dragon’s nest may be hidden deep in the Misty Mountains.”

He unrolled a large, faded map on the table. It showed a section of the Misty Mountains and the surrounding valleys and forests. He pointed to a spot high up in the peaks.

“Here is where I believe the nest is. In a secluded valley, protected by magic and illusion. I aim to find it and retrieve one of the eggs, to prove to the world that dragons still live!” His eyes glinted with excitement.

Lena could hardly believe what she was hearing. It was the chance she had been waiting for! A real opportunity to see a dragon. But it also seemed dangerous.

“It will be risky,” she murmured. “And difficult to reach such a remote place undetected.”

Remy nodded grimly. “I know. That’s why I’ve only hired the toughest and most capable for this mission. You come highly recommended from the guild, as both a skilled mage and a brave adventurer.”

He paused and looked at Lena intently. “So what do you say? Will you join us?”

Lena didn’t hesitate. It was her dream. “Yes,” she said firmly. “Just tell me when we leave.”

Remy grinned. “Excellent! We set out at dawn. Get a good night’s rest, and come prepared. It will be a long and difficult journey.”

Lena could barely contain her excitement as she left the inn. Finally, she was going on the adventure she had always hoped for. A chance to see a mythical dragon with her own eyes! She rushed home to prepare her bags and supplies for the thrilling quest.

To be continued…

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