Tag: Her quest for the dragon

September 9, 2023
How This Young Mage Befriended A Mother Dragon And Her Babies

The next morning, Lena arrived at the gates of the city ready for adventure. She had her bags packed and her staff and spells prepared. Remy was already there with the rest of the expedition team - a tough-looking warrior woman named Brynn, a sly archer named West, and a bearded dwarf named Durin who seemed to be bickering with West already. After quick introductions, the group set out on horseback towards the Misty Mountains.

September 3, 2023
She Dreamed of Dragons. Then She Found This! - The Dragon's Egg

Lena was a young mage who had always dreamed of seeing a dragon. She had read countless books and scrolls about the legendary creatures, their history, powers, and secrets. She had studied their lore and magic, hoping to learn more about them and their mysterious connection to the world. But dragons were rare and elusive, and people believed they were extinct. The last recorded sighting of a dragon was over a century ago when a great war had ravaged the land and the skies.