Horror Expedition - Chapter 2

The next day, the group of explorers woke up to a strange sight. The campsite was surrounded by a thick fog that obscured their view of the forest. They could barely see a few meters ahead of them.

“What the hell is this?” Jake asked, rubbing his eyes.

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t look natural,” Anna said, grabbing her backpack.

“Maybe it’s just a weather phenomenon,” Mike suggested, trying to sound optimistic.

“Or maybe it’s something else,” Sam muttered, looking around nervously.

They decided to pack up their tents and equipment and try to find their way back to the trail. They had a GPS device and a map, but they were not sure how reliable they were in this situation. They hoped that the fog would clear up soon and they would be able to see where they were going.

They walked for about an hour, following the GPS directions, but they did not seem to make any progress. The fog was still as thick as ever, and they could not see any landmarks or signs of civilization. They felt like they were walking in circles.

“Are we lost?” Jake asked, stopping to check the map.

“No, we can’t be. We’re following the GPS. It should lead us back to the trail,” Anna said, looking at the device.

“Then why does it feel like we’re going nowhere?” Mike asked, frustrated.

“Maybe the GPS is malfunctioning. Maybe the fog is interfering with the signal,” Sam said, looking at the sky.

“Or maybe someone is messing with us,” Jake said, looking around suspiciously.

“What do you mean?” Anna asked.

“Think about it. The fog, the noises, the footprints. Maybe someone is trying to scare us or trap us here. Maybe someone doesn’t want us to leave this forest,” Jake said, lowering his voice.

“That’s ridiculous. Who would do that? And why?” Mike asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe some crazy cult or some psycho killer. Maybe they’re watching us right now,” Jake said, pointing at the fog.

“Stop it, Jake. You’re being paranoid. There’s no one here but us,” Anna said, trying to calm him down.

“Are you sure about that?” Jake asked, raising his eyebrows.

Before anyone could answer, they heard a loud roar coming from behind them. It sounded like a wild animal, but unlike anything they had ever heard before. It was deep and guttural, and it echoed through the forest.

They turned around and saw a large shadow moving in the fog. It was hard to make out its shape, but it looked big and muscular. It had long claws and teeth that glinted in the dim light. It had red eyes that burned with malice.

It was the creature that had left the footprints.

It was coming for them.

They screamed and ran in different directions, hoping to escape from the beast. But they soon realized that they had made a terrible mistake. They had split up and lost sight of each other in the fog. They had no idea where they were or where their friends were.

They were alone and vulnerable.

And the creature was hunting them down one by one…

To be continued…

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