How I treat my phone to improve my productivity

I am a web developer. Some times, I must use my smartphone as part of my work. No matter how I hate or don’t want to use it, I must accept it as part of my life. It’s a fact. So, how I treat my phone to improve my productivity, instead of deteriorating it?

While many people will argue that they can live without their phone, it’s easier to be said than done. They can indeed live without it, but from my own experience, life will be much harder without a smartphone. I’ve tried it myself. 

It’s indeed a double-edged sword. So, here are how I treat my phone to have better productivity.

Treat it as a web development tool

I always keep in my mind that smartphone, just like Mac and others, is my web development tool. When I am working, and I need it to test something, it’s fine to use it for work. 

But when I am out of working time, I tried my best to opening my phone unless there’s an emergency call or message.

Treat it as a payment tool

Now, there are many things we can pay by using our phone. Just mention Google Pay or Apple Pay. In some cases, I’ll get some rebates or cashback using the phone as my payment tool. So, instead of paying cash, I’ll pay with one of my phone’s app to save some money. 

Never use it as messaging or chatting

For a chat relating to work, I always use my MacBook. I rarely follow the rest of the chats through my phone. I prefer to mee them in person and talk directly. Or, give them a phone call and see what’s going on. It’s much faster, and more effective rather than typing the whole things on the WhatsApp or Telegram.

Avoid using it as a social network

Trust me. It’s hectic. When you’re using the phone to access social network service like Instagram, you’ll lose your focus. It will tempt you to open it again, scroll it again, and again.

On the other hand, it’s better to spend the times wasted on scrolling through social media app for something else. 

Limit its usage

I am a firm believer that everything must have a limit. Otherwise, everything will tear apart. This world needs a limit. Our life needs a limit. 

It’s the same thing with our phone usage hours. It needs a limit. You may use the app to lock your phone after some minutes of usages, or you can limit it manually.


  • One day, I don’t like how I use a smartphone. It’s hectic.

  • Then, I decide to ditch it off for some years and go with the lowest end of the Android phone.

  • But this lowest-end phone ended up causing some hassles. 

  • Then, I bought a better phone from Samsung.

  • But I still strictly limit my self from using the phone outside of my working hours.

  • Problem is, instead of scrolling through my phone’s screen, I often ended up scrolling anything through my Macbook.

  • So far, I am on a good term on using my smartphone but I still need to refine my usage pattern on Macbook.

In the end, thanks for reading my rants.

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