How to get the most out of your MacBook battery life?

Here are the tips based on my experience to get the most out of your MacBook battery life. I’ve been doing them since eight years ago. Here’s the result: my old MacBook air battery can hold a charge after eight years.

Keep your MacBook cool all the time.

It is the most important. It is similar to any other electronic device. MacBook also doesn’t like hot temperatures. If you’re in a tropical zone, please use your MacBook with running air conditioning.

Use Safari as the web browser.

No matter how the other third-party browsers claim, they are still the third party. Nothing changes it. Safari is the browser integrated to macOS natively. If you want more, when you’re just reading content, you can turn off the Javascript on your Safari web browser. No ads mean more battery life.

Avoid third-party apps if possible.

Whatever the third-party app claims about saving your battery, don’t pay any attention or money. I never used any third-party app to save battery for eight years. Here’s my simple logic: If a such app is working to help your MacBook battery, Apple will buy and integrate it natively into the macOS.

Lower the brightness as low as possible.

I set the brightness level to be 3 or 2 bars. For other people, it may be too bright. For the rest, it may be too dark. That depends on every person’s eyes in front of the laptop, so find your comfort level without setting the brightness to max. Otherwise, you need to know how to set the auto brightness based on your need.

Set the auto brightness properly.

It will help if you keep your brightness level as low as possible. It won’t work if you need to set the brightness to higher. If you used to set the brightness level to as high as possible, then it’s better to leave the auto brightness on

Remove unused apps as much as possible.

Remember that some apps are part of macOS itself. You can’t remove them. If you insist, your MacBook won’t work again. Trust me. I learn this hard way to the point where I need to format my Macbook Air long ago.

Unless you use it so much, you should turn it off. When it runs indexing for the first time, it drains the battery quickly, even if you’re using the latest M1 or M2 MacBook model.

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