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Five reasons I give up my old MacBook Air 2015

Two weeks ago, I gave up on my old MacBook Air. It’s been with me for almost eight years, but it’s time to say goodbye. Here are the reasons.

Keeps getting slow

No matter the optimization I do, it keeps getting slower and slower. Even worse, it’s even slower after I use it for hours, and its fan screams. All of these happened when I only opened a few tabs on Safari. Yes, you read it right: I use Safari. Using Chrome or Firefox will make it worse.

Broken keyboard

For the last few years, I often use and brought around my Bluetooth keyboard with my MacBook Air because its keyboard broke. Some keys like C, D, F, and all number keys didn’t work. It’s not a software issue. I’ve asked an Apple store to diagnose it. They conclude the keyboard needs a replacement.

Broken battery

It holds no more than 1.5 hours for the full charge. The status of the battery health tells me to service the battery. I’ve thought about battery replacement, but the nearest Apple store says it needs three business days to a week to do the replacement.

Nearly broken charging cord

The charging cord is still working well. But it’s messed up. It almost cut off. I also thought of replacing it. However, the following fact puts the final nail in the coffin. It’s time to depart with this MacBook Air.

No more updates from Apple

It is the final straw for me. Apple decided the latest version I could use on that old MBA was macOS Monterrey. The latest macOS version is macOS Ventura at the moment. That’s like saying: Apple itself has stopped to support the MacBook Air 2015. All of these MBA users are now on their own. There are no more updates, including security ones.

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