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My story with social network

This is my own story interacting with some social network sites since the era of Friendster, which is around 2002. It’s been a long time and I am considering myself a lucky one since I never got addicted to such sites.

This is the story of my journey on social networks. In general, I don’t have any great interest in such services so I am considering myself a lucky one. Especially since there are many people who’re a struggle with social networks addiction.

1. Friendster

I did sign up for an account on Friendster, when it was still the most popular social network in 2002, more than 15 years ago. In fact, I started to learn HTML and CSS when customizing the Friendster profile.

2. MySpace

I don’t sign up for an account there and never use it. At that time, it seems it’s much less popular than Friendster.

3. Facebook

After Friendster in decline and everyone starting to move to Facebook, I did create an account there. It was still the first version of Facebook when it still had “the wall” for every profile.

Then, I removed my account there. Then, I created a new one when I started to work as a web developer.  This because I needed to access their API for some projects I had been working on.

4. Orkut

I heard about this but I never sign up for an account there.

5. LinkedIn

Still using it until now. Initially, I signed up for searching on a new job when I just getting started as a remote developer. In fact, I never accepted the job from LinkedIn because my plate is always full.

6. Twitter

Still using it too, until now. But I never sign up for this one until 2018. So, I am pretty new to Twitter though I had worked with their API using the client’s or company’s Twitter account.

7. Github

Signed up on 2012 and still using it until now. But I guess most people who are not developer won’t even consider this one as a “social network”

8. Reddit

I had known about this long ago too but not until 2018 I signed up for an account. In fact, I had an account I created in 2010 but I lost access to that account.

9. Instagram

Never sign up for an account on this social network, as far as I remember.

10. Pinterest

Signed up for one account, but rarely use it because most of them are just “pins” and it makes my head spins.

11. Tumblr

Never sign up for an account there, as far as I remember. Though I did follow up some of the sites hosted there.

12. Flickr

Never sign up there but I used to access its API using the employer’s account to build a feature on the project I’ve been working on.

13. Quora

I did sign up for an account here just because it did not allow me to read and browse many interesting discussions unless I am a registered user.

In fact, this probably the social networks I read the most.

14. Path

I often hear about this but never had a chance to look or even register an account.

15. Google +

I tried when I was still blogging on Blogspot. In fact, there is nothing special about it unless you consider that some SEO experts said it’s important for, well… SEO.

16. Slack

Use this only for works. I am pretty familiar with the interface and I even installed the app on my phone. Really helpful to work on multiple projects where each project had a Slack channel.

17. Skype

Same as Slack, only use this to communicate with employers about the works and projects. But I don’t think this one is a social network. I think it fell into the “social messenger” category. Yet, Google shows this when I type the “social network” list there.

I also installed Skype on my phone.

As I mentioned before, I don’t have any social network addiction. The closest one would be the Quora but I only go there to “read”.

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