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Tag: social network

July 2, 2019
Why anonymous social media is better

This is the story why I prefer to hang around on sites like Reddit, Hacker News, or Twitter than the other social media services. I need a bit more privacy . Those sites, as the time I write this post, is treating its user’s privacy better than other popular social media sites. Here’s why anonymous social media is better – at least for me. Privacy concern I still remember the time when there are many smaller forums which more focused on smaller niche, but have a deeper focus on their own niche.

June 6, 2019
My story with social network

This is my own story interacting with some social network sites since the era of Friendster, which is around 2002. It’s been a long time and I am considering myself a lucky one since I never got addicted to such sites. This is the story of my journey on social networks. In general, I don’t have any great interest in such services so I am considering myself a lucky one. Especially since there are many people who’re a struggle with social networks addiction.