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June 26, 2019
Things to do after changing to better domain’s host

Many things to do after pointing out the domain to another host for whatever reasons. Missing one of them may lead a disaster to your side. Here are the hings to do after changing to better domain’s host There are many things which usually we missed to do after changing the domain’s host. By changing the domain’s host, I mean when you pointed the domain you own on your registrar’s DNS manager to another host.

June 3, 2019
Beginners Guides to Choose Domain for Personal Homepage

Deciding what to use as a domain name is the same as deciding for an organization name — it demands a great deal of contemplation and thought. So, you need those beginners guides to choose domain for personal homepage Why is it that important? Your domain name is your character on the net; you need to guarantee that you pick a domain name that represents your business, which should be easy to discover, remember and of course, simple to promote.