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March 31, 2023
Here are five reasons why I keep using ProtonMail

I’ve been using the ProtonMail service for years. For those years, I’ve been a happy paying user. Here’s why. Ability to use different email addresses with a single login With the previous provider (G), I needed to switch accounts to access emails on different email addresses under the same domain.com. With ProtonMail, I can access those emails with a single login, protected with an additional security layer of two-factor authentications.

October 6, 2020
How to check if ProtonMail is for you?

This bases on my subjective experience as an average Joe. So I won’t say anything about privacy, security, and the likes. ProtonMail blog has covered all of them. Instead, I only describe my first-hand experience as a user. Here’s how to check if ProtonMail is for you based on them. Pros Good and reliable support I don’t remember how many I sent them inquiries for refunding my ProtonVPN account because it’s not working (read: very slow to unusable point).