Here are five reasons why I keep using ProtonMail

I’ve been using the ProtonMail service for years. For those years, I’ve been a happy paying user. Here’s why.

Ability to use different email addresses with a single login

With the previous provider (G), I needed to switch accounts to access emails on different email addresses under the same With ProtonMail, I can access those emails with a single login, protected with an additional security layer of two-factor authentications.

No ads

Before using ProtonMail, even though I used an ad blocker, ads sometimes went through. Now, with ProtonMail, there are no more ads in my inbox.

No trackers

Many senders, especially those from the mailing list or newsletter, will send the email with trackers to check if you’ve opened their email. These trackers will track the links you click as well. On the other hand, ProtonMail will block those trackers by default.

Better spam detection

Unwanted promotional emails or cold emails from unsolicited marketing campaigns always land in my spam. But, on another provider like G, those emails will land on the other tab instead of the spam box.

Best email blocker

On G provider, there is no way to block an unsolicited email. You can only mark the such email as spam. The future email from that sender will land in your spam. For me, it’s not always the case. If the sender has a superb reputation, it still lands the future email in my inbox. With ProtonMail, I can block the senders. Their future email won’t land even in my spam box.

Here’s how I block a sender: ProtonMail blocks sender

Here’s how a sender look like after I block it: ProtonMail blocked sender

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