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The Crypto Chrononauts - Chapter 2

Mia drove for hours, trying to avoid the main roads and the security drones. She knew she had to find a safe place to hide and contact the network.

The network was a group of crypto chrononauts who shared the same vision and mission as Mia and Evan. They had met online, on a dark web forum dedicated to cryptocurrency and time travel. They exchanged tips, tricks, and stories about their adventures across time and space. They had formed a bond of trust and friendship.

The network had a leader, a mysterious figure who called himself Crypto. He was the one who had provided Mia and Evan with their crypto chronometer, the device that allowed them to time travel. He was also the one who had assigned them their missions, based on his own research and analysis.

Crypto was a genius, a visionary, and a rebel. He had a master plan to overthrow the regime and restore freedom and democracy to the world. He had a secret weapon that he claimed would change everything.

He called it the Crypto Chronos Protocol.

The Crypto Chronos Protocol was a revolutionary invention that Crypto had been working on for years. It was a way of using quantum cryptography and blockchain technology to create a decentralized and secure network of crypto chronometers that could communicate and coordinate with each other across time and space.

The Crypto Chronos Protocol would enable the network to synchronize their actions, share their information and execute their strategies. It would also allow them to access Crypto’s private stash of cryptocurrencies, which he had accumulated over decades of time traveling.

Crypto claimed that he had enough cryptocurrencies to fund the network’s operations, bribe the regime’s enemies, support the resistance movements, and influence public opinion. He claimed that he had enough cryptocurrencies to start a revolution.

Mia wanted to be part of that revolution. She wanted to honor Evan’s memory and fulfill his dream. She wanted to make Satoshi pay for what he had done.

She needed to contact Crypto.

She checked her device and saw that she had received a message from him. It was encrypted and coded, as usual.

It said:


I’m sorry for your loss. Evan was a brave and loyal chrononaut. He will be missed.

I know what happened. I know who Satoshi is. I know where he is.

I have a plan to stop him. I need your help.

Meet me at these coordinates: 40.6892° N, 74.0445° W

Date: July 4th, 1776

Time: 12:00 pm

Password: Liberty


Mia decoded the message and understood its meaning.

Crypto wanted her to meet him at the Statue of Liberty, on the day of the American Declaration of Independence.

He wanted her to join him in his final mission.

He wanted her to help him kill Satoshi Nakamoto.

To be continued…

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