The Crypto Chrononauts - The end

They saw a flash of light on the island. They knew it was Satoshi.

They grabbed their guns and aimed at him.

They saw him emerge from the light, wearing a futuristic suit and a helmet. He had a device on his wrist and a backpack on his back.

He looked around, confused and startled.

He saw them on the boat, pointing their guns at him.

He realized he was in trouble.

He reached for his device, trying to activate it.

But it was too late.

They opened fire, shooting at him with their bullets.

They hit him several times, in the chest, the head, and the arm.

He fell to the ground, bleeding and dying.

They cheered, thinking they had succeeded.

They shouted “Liberty!” to each other, celebrating their victory.

They lowered their guns and smiled.

But then, they heard a beep.

They looked at Satoshi’s backpack.

They saw a red light blinking on it.

They realized it was a bomb.

A bomb that was about to explode.

They gasped, horrified.

They shouted “Tyranny!” to each other, warning of the danger.

They tried to run away, but it was too late.

The bomb detonated, creating a huge blast that engulfed the island and the boat.

They were caught in the explosion, burning and dying.

They screamed in pain and agony.

They failed their mission.

The end.

The end…

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