Why Freelancers Need Social Media Tools

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Freelance marketing professionals have a lot to worry about. Between each of their clients and projects, there can often be a lot of tasks to get done. Coupled with that is the number of passwords and social media accounts they’ll need to remember.

That’s led to a significant number of tools being developed and released over the past few years. These range from social media video downloaders like VideoBuddy apk to management platforms like HootSuite.

You might wonder what the point of these is. Though the exact benefits will depend on the app or software itself, there are quite a few benefits associated with social media tools.

Why Freelance Marketing Professional Needs Social Media Tools

Keep Accounts Organized

Depending on how many clients you have, you might have access to a dozen or so social media accounts. That could need a lot of logging in and out to work on various campaigns. With most of these tools, however, you just need one email and password.

You can then add each of a project’s relevant accounts, making it easier to keep them organized. If different email addresses are used for different addresses, then you can easily separate client projects will cut out much of the logging in and out.

They’ll also give you an overview of each account’s activity, making it easier to respond to any engagement.

Better Analytics

While every social media platform gives you access to analytics, these can often be vaguer than you’d like. Many social media tools let you dig deeper than this, which provides a range of its own benefits.

By seeing historical data associated with previous campaigns, you can better plan out your future strategies. As a result, you can maximize your social media initiatives.

Schedule Your Posts

While some social media platforms let you schedule posts, it can be tricky to do so. Each platform will also have different ways of doing so. With a social media management tool, however, you can do this much easier.

Your accounts will all be seen in one place, which lets you see everything you need. That makes scheduling posts a matter of a few clicks. If you need to edit these between now and when they’re set to be published, it’s also a lot easier to do so.

Accessibility is one of the core features of many of these tools, which makes the scheduling and editing aspects a breeze. After all, you wouldn’t have to switch between platforms every time you need to edit or cancel a specific update.

Wrapping Up

Every freelancer, regardless of whether they work in web development or social media marketing, needs to have their tools. Not having them means that you can’t do your job properly. Each of the above should highlight just how important social media tools can be.

Coupled with that is they’ll make your working life much easier. The exact tools you get will depend significantly on what your needs are. There are quite a few to choose from, however, all of which are quite cost-effective. Many will also have free trials, which will give you more than enough time to test them out.

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