Five Tips To Help Tired Eyes

Tired eyes aren’t great when you’re trying to work. You might be sitting in front of a screen and the bright lights aren’t do anything good for your eyes. Dry eyes are fairly common, and when you’re tired, your eyes are likely to feel tired or sore. It’s important to try and find some solutions to help relieve tired eyes so that you can continue doing what you need to do throughout the day. Here are five tips to help tired eyes when working.

Get Hydrating Eye Drops

Eye drops can be a great aid for your eyes because usually, your tired eyes are dry and in need of hydration. With that being said, a lot of the eye drops on the market will be formulated to provide that hydration where needed. Not only that but many eye drops are likely to work alongside contact lenses too so if you’re worried about that aspect, then fear not! There’s nothing like feeling that lovely hydration wash over your eyes and so it’s certainly worth taking advantage of some that you can have sitting on your desk whenever they’re needed.

They’re also useful to have on the go too. If you’ve not had eye drops before, you might want to practice at home first before putting them in, especially if you have a habit of flinching. After all, you want them to stay in your eye and not stream down the face, making you look like you’ve had a hard day.

Wear Blue Light Glasses

When hydrating eye drops don’t work, or you’ve applied enough in your eyes already, where can you turn to next? The problem with tired eyes can often be to do with screens and devices we use every day like our phones and computers. Blue light is in most devices, and it’s this that can cause issues with your eyes, especially when you’re trying to do your work in front of the computer.

With that being said, it might be beneficial to get some blue light glasses. These can be handy in blocking out that harmful light and you should see a massive improvement in the health of your eyes and how lethargic you feel too.

Take Regular Breaks

Regular breaks are definitely something you want to be more active in taking. The problem is that when you spend a lot of your time on your computer or phone, it can affect your posture if you’re sitting down at a desk and it can also, as mentioned, cause strain on your eyes. That means you want to remind yourself in taking regular breaks when you can. It’s a good idea to get a five or ten-minute break every hour or so. This is going to make all the difference because it allows you to stretch your body and to give your eyes a rest.

Staring at the screen for too long is likely going to make them tired, so make sure you are strict on your break times whether you work from home or in a work environment.

Apply Warm & Cool Compresses

Tired eyes might not just be from working in front of a computer but it can also be from a lack of sleep. Sometimes we can control this, but other times, they’re beyond our control. With that being said, it’s good to apply some warm and cool compresses where you can. That way, you’re going to hydrate the eyes from the compresses but also it should reduce any soreness in the eyes. That sore feeling is likely going to mean that something is inflamed and inflammation is best treated with a mixture of hot and warm applications.

So if you’ve had a poor night’s sleep and need a pick me up to help with tired eyes, then this is worth doing.

Adjust Screen Lights

Screen lights from your phone, television to your computer can often be a bit too bright and this brightness can be irritating on the eyes sometimes. That’s why it’s worth adjusting your screen lights whenever you feel a headache coming on or in this case, your eyes are very tired. This can help with the abrasiveness that these devices can provide and should hopefully help. If it doesn’t help, then it’s probably best to avoid the screen altogether.

Helping tired eyes can ensure you can get about your day as normal. Make sure you use these tips to help relieve the irritation and soreness that can come with tired eyes.

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