Got nice surprises from Gitpod team

Gitpod is the only cloud IDE that integrates seamlessly with Github. At least that’s what I know when I am writing this. Here’s how I got nice surprices from Gitpod team.

How I found Gitpod

I found it almost a year ago. At that time, Amazon acquired, the cloud IDE I used to work. I used its free plan since it’s already provided me with one private workspace. However, I predicted that some days, they’re going to change it.

Some months later

My prediction was correct. Some months later, they announced the Cloud9 suspension. Then, they moved it to AWS Cloud9.

Back to Gitpod. When I tried them last year, their service was still in beta. I wrote a review about it here.

One year later, their marketing manager sent me a message on Twitter. In short, they offered me to give a try on their Unlimited plan for free .

Of course, I accepted their offer without hesitation. After everything was in place, I started to explore their features for this Unlimited plan.

But, I’ll write about my exploration details in another article. For now, let’s see what are the differences between this top-tiered plan and its lower plan

What’re the differences with a lower plan

The hour limit.As its name, this unlimited plan gives me unlimited hours to use the IDE. While the lower plan, which is Personal , will limit you to 100 hours per month.

But, I think it doesn’t matter if you’re using the IDE for side projects. Or, if you’re only able to use it less than 25 hours per week.

Also, don’t forget that Personal plan is for non-commercial use only. So, if you’re going to use it for commercial purpose, the Unlimited plan is the best choice.

Free for the open-source project

If you have an open-source project hosted on Github, just contact them. They’ll give you access to use the IDE for free, for all of your open-source projects.

Received another nice surprise this evening

This evening, I received a post from Germany. The envelope has Gitpod logo at the bottom right.

I appreciate their effort in sending me those stickers and brochures.

My hopes

I wish they won’t share the same fate as Cloud9 IDE. Although there’s a chance that Github or Microsoft will acquire this IDE some days in the future. Even if it happened, I hope they won’t make the service less accessible.

After all, this is the only cloud IDE that’s seamlessly integrating with Github platform.


  • Gitpod is the only cloud IDE integrated with Github.

  • There’s a Chrome’s extension or you can just append in front of every Github URL.

  • The team who builds Gitpod is very generous.

  • You can try it for free. Even better, you can use it for your open-source project freely.

  • If you want to try their Personal or Unlimited plan, you can use my discount code for 30% off of your first three months subscription . Here is the code: KEVIN02 Just apply the code on the payment page.

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