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If your ISP blocked the VPN you used

What to do when your Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocked the VPN you used? Just one thing, don’t ask them about this since you will just tell them that you’re using VPN on their service and this most likely against their interest. So, what shall you do if your ISP blocked the VPN you used?

Joe just bought his VPN and he’s prepared to use it to surf the internet. But he’s disappointed to find that his connection is much slower, and often disconnected.

He’s prepared to file a complaint to the VPN company.

Yet, the VPN company said there is nothing wrong with their server and they are sure that their service is running well.

However, Joe still had a bad connection when he activated his VPN.

Such a story described the possibility that Joe’s ISP seems to have a glitch to connect to the VPN server.

The ISP may limit the bandwidth to some IP addresses which they suspected as a VPN server.

Even worse, they may block those IP ranges completely.

What to do if your ISP did such a thing?

Don’t ask or complain your ISP about VPN

Again, don’t ask the ISP about the VPN. That’s just revealing the fact that you used a VPN when connecting to the internet using their service.

This is likely against your ISP interest because:

  • they can’t spy your activities on the internet.

  • they don’t know what sites you visited and what’s your interest

  • which means they can’t send you targeted offers or ads or anything that will likely make you buy it.

  • that makes them lose the potential additional revenue.

Test to make sure

Nowadays, almost many people had more than one ISP at least one for their home and another for their mobile network.

But if this is not your case, ask your friend to do this test.

In short, to test to make sure that the problem is on your ISP side which blocking your connection to the VPN server, you only need to switch your internet connection to another ISP while using the same VPN.

If this way works, your current ISP is likely blocking your connection through the VPN server.

Then, what to do?

  • Switch to another VPN service.

  • Switch to another ISP.

  • Stay on the same ISP and don’t use VPN at all.

I bet that most people will find easier to just switch to another VPN service instead of switching to another ISP.

Don’t be so sure

Sometimes, it’s only a glitch on either ISP or VPN service that caused your connection to be very slow or even disconnected.

Personally, sometimes I got disconnected from the VPN I used, and when I just reconnect it, it connects quickly and the problem goes away.

Since, as far as I know, most of ISP did not bother to throttle or even block your connection to any VPN server unless those VPN servers had an IP address which is widely known as scammers or spammers.

Look for the updates on both side

I mean, look for the updates on both side support forums or… Google.

See if the other folks also experience a similar problem as yours, with the same ISP and same VPN service, on the same VPN service plan.

If you can find nothing about this, it’s likely just a glitch on any side.

So, just try it again.

Contact the VPN customer supports

If the problem persisted even if you had switched to another ISP, and you still had no idea what’s going on, it’s better to contact the VPN customer supports for their help.

Just explain your situation briefly, where’s your located, and if you set up or had tinkered with the configurations of your router.

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