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May 10, 2022
How to to VPN off on iPhone

As the terrain becomes further and further technological currently, with 5G super-fast internet speed and the frequency of live-streaming platforms, VPN will come the most important foundation. Occasionally when we install VPN on iPhone, we frequently can not find the entrance to turn it off, although VPN is accessible, occasionally when we do not need it, we can not get into the web runners that we can get into my normal network.

August 25, 2019
Problems that forced me to leave ProtonVPN for Mullvad

This purely based on my own experience with both VPN apps. Others may find it different because there are so many factors involved. Please keep in mind that Mullvad doesn’t have an affiliate program at the time I write this. This means I am not writing this to promote their service. The comparison may not be apple to applesince I compare ProtonVPN free plan with Mullvad paid plan. This because Mullvad service only has a flat price: 5 EUR per month.

July 14, 2019
How to prevent ProtonVPN auto-connect

I’ve been using Proton VPN since last year. I even have tried three of the plans: Free, Basic, Plus. Yet, I’ve never been able to prevent the Proton VPN app to keep connected when I just started my Mac. I fully know that there is an Auto-Connect menu. As shown in the image on the left, I had set it to Disabled. So, here are what I do to prevent ProtonVPN auto-connect.

July 14, 2019
Most private VPN I’ve ever seen: Mullvad

Some days ago, when Proton VPN’s free servers were very slow to the point I couldn’t use it, I looked at my suggestion note for another VPN. Then, my eyes caught this Mullvad on that note. With no hesitation, I fired up Firefox and looked for more information about it on DuckDuckGo. Here’s why I consider it as the Most private VPN I’ve ever seen. Based on Sweden If Proton VPN based on Switzerland, this Mullvad based in Sweden.

June 25, 2019
ProtonVPN native app or manual IKEv2 set up

ProtonVPN native client app or use manually IKEv2 set up? Here are my stories on how I have experience with both of them. Which one you should use: ProtonVPN native app or manual IKEv2 set up? Native app Let’s start with the native app. That is, the app I can download, install and run on my Mac and Android phone. Then, I can sign in with my ProtonVPN account and just choose the option to connect:

June 11, 2019
If your ISP blocked the VPN you used

What to do when your Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocked the VPN you used? Just one thing, don’t ask them about this since you will just tell them that you’re using VPN on their service and this most likely against their interest. So, what shall you do if your ISP blocked the VPN you used? Joe just bought his VPN and he’s prepared to use it to surf the internet. But he’s disappointed to find that his connection is much slower, and often disconnected.

June 4, 2019
My experience with ProtonVPN basic plan

First-hand experience with ProtonVPN “Basic” plan, which is not good. Though, ProtonVPN did keep their promise about their money back guarantee. It looks like it’s better to go with their Free plan or jump to their “Plus” plan as they indicated on their pricing page, “BEST OFFER” If you ever consider using the paid version of ProtonVPN, I would suggest you choose at least the Plus plan. Here are why.

June 3, 2019
Do I really need a VPN?

Recently, I often notice some scams e-mail on my spam box.That scam e-mail is claiming that they know my old password I’ve used several years ago. In fact, I never used that password anymore ever since I’ve used a password manager. Do I really need a VPN? Which can be the same question for everyone like me, including you. Let’s find this out, based on my research, exploration, and a bit of… contemplation:

June 3, 2019
My experience with ProtonVPN Free plan

Several days ago, I wrote my story about using ProtonVPN 7-days trial for their Plus plan. As you may have read it, it was not smooth sailing through their support is very responsive to direct me solving the problem. So, here’s my experience with ProtonVPN Free plan. Not a bad one but it’s not very good either. At that time, I decide to subscribe to their Plus or Basic plan once the trial ended.

June 3, 2019
My story using ProtonVPN

This story is purely based on my own experience using ProtonVPN service. I am starting with their 7-days free trial, which gave me the trial for their Plus plan ($8/mo). In short, I am really satisfied with their 7-days trials but will give a try their free tier plan first once my trial period ends. It’s still two days before my trial ends, so I’ll tell the story I’ve gone through during this trial.

June 3, 2019
Things to know before using VPN

Here are some things to know, before you decide to use a VPN. Those things I wrote based on my own experience after using a VPN for a month. I used ProtonVPN, but those things I mentioned below can be applied to any VPN provider you used. More hurdles when login to your account (only once) This will happen for the first time when you used a VPN. Some major sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, or PayPal will ask you to verify your identity through some ways like asking your phone number or asking you to input the codes they sent to your phone.