My experience using Twitter Ads without credit card

Years ago, I used Twitter Ads on my personal Twitter account. My purpose is just testing it. After using it for a while, I grow my followers there. So, Twitter Ads without credit card? Let’s see.

Debit card

During these periods, I used a VISA debit card as a payment method. After several successful payments, it declined the payment suddenly.

Then, I contacted the bank that issued that card as the first attempt. They said there’s no problem on their end. Additionally, they didn’t see the logs for the declined transaction.

This time, I tried to contact Twitter support. However, I never get any response from them. After that, I decided to deactivate the account for a while until I got a reply from them.

Unfortunately, I forgot that I’ve deactivated my Twitter at some points. When I remembered it, it’s been two months, and my account was gone.

Prepaid card

Several months later, about a year ago, I signed up for another account. This time, I decided to stay away from their ads service.

After I got my new prepaid card and loaded it, I am intrigued to try Twitter Ads service again. I was using that prepaid card with the MasterCard logo.

It works well too, for some months. Until one day, I received an e-mail from Twitter that my prepaid card declined the payment. Dang.

As usual, I contacted my card issuer first. Just like the case with my debit card several months earlier, the card issuer said there are no logs for the declined transaction.

They suggested me to contact the merchant, in this case, Twitter. They said that maybe the merchant’s payment processor declined the transaction before it reached their end.

The next day, I sent another inquiry to Twitter’s support. This time, they replied to me. They confirmed the problem is on their end.


The solution they proposed is asking me to add another card to clear the payment.

I asked them, why it worked earlier. It even worked several times before their payment processor declined it. The only answer I got from them is sorry.

They said again that the only solution for my case is adding another card as payment method.

And unfortunately, I don’t have another card to use at the moment. I still don’t have it even now.

They froze my Twitter Ads account several days later. I can’t access it anymore.


Honestly, I am disappointed with them. They should decline it in the first place when I added those cards.

I used those cards that used to work with them earlier on PayPal too. I used them since 2012. I never get any problem with PayPal, not even once.

So, at this point, I would suggest you avoid Twitter Ads unless you have a valid credit card.

Although they said it clearly (source:

We also accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express debit cards.

My experience said otherwise. They did accept my debit card and prepaid card several times. Then, they declined them and asked for another card.

It still doesn’t make sense to me.

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