Why you should use uBlock Origin just like me?

Browsing websites with intrusive ads is the worst experience. It’s even worse if those annoying ads are interfering you to read the content. All of us deserve a better browsing experience. This is where the ad-block software comes in-handy. The problem is there are many of them today. For a Chrome or Firefox, there are at least two well-knowns: AdBlock and Adblock Plus. I used to use AdBlock as my first-time ad-block. Then, I try Adblock Plus for the reasons I can’t remember. Given these, here’s why you should use uBlock Origin just like me?

Before I find uBlock Origin

The reason I ditch Adblock Plus is it every laptop or desktop I use getting hotter and hotter. Even on the Macbook, it’s able to make the Macbook’s fan screaming after one or two hours of browsing activity. This is the main reason why I never use ABP anymore on Chrome.

After that, there are small periods where I browse without any ad-block on the browser. However, I keep seeing more and more intrusive ads. I don’t mind if the web is tracking me using their GA. But, if the intrusive ads are blocking almost 50% of the content, it’s a painful browsing experience. I won’t mention what sites, but most of them are popular news websites.

That forced me to look for alternative ad-blocks other than AdBlock and ABP. This is the time when I found the uBlock Origin on its Github repository.

Then, why uBlock Origin?

Here are some reasons how and why I choose this ad-block in the first place.

Go easy on CPU and memory.

That’s its tagline that intrigues me, at the time. It draws my attention nicely. It’s like it knows the answer to my problem: an ad-blocker that won’t make my Macbook’s fan scream loudly after some hours of light browsing time.

You can say this is the main reason why I give it a try. After trying it for several days, I can see the proof of that tagline. My Macbook’s fan never screams anymore during my browsing hours. Even better: my older Dell laptop never gets hotter anymore.


I am a fan of open-source software though I am not an active contributor. Here are why such software is better than its closed-source counterpart:

  • Everyone can see the source codes.

  • Everyone can contribute to the codes.

  • Because of that, anyone can send a PR to patch the bug or fix the outstanding issues.

  • The chance of the software doing nasty things is close to none. Even if this happens, anyone will catch it quickly, report it, and get it fixed.

Supports all modern browsers

I don’t know about the earlier ad-blocks I’ve used. But, this uBlock Origin supports:

  • Chromium. It includes the Google Chrome browser.

  • Firefox.

  • Microsoft Edge.

  • Safari (macOS).

As I remember, the earlier ad-blocks only supports Chromium and Firefox. I hardly find any ad-block which supports Internet Explorer (at that time) and Safari.

Blocks trackers by default

Not only blocking ads, but the uBlock Origin is also blocking the trackers by default. This includes blocking Google Analytics scripts.

Knowing the tracker is following my browsing activity makes me uncomfortable. Even worse, when the one who uses it is trying to serve me the ads that will draw my attention.

Blocks the ads inside streaming video

I am not sure if the other ad-block will do this too. However, the uBlock Origin is blocking the ads on all my favorite streaming videos nicely.

Easy to use

All I need to do is just installing it. Installing it on Chrome and Firefox is easy. But it’s a bit more hassles to install it on Safari. Though I am sure, most of us are using either Firefox or Google Chrome these days.

Community support

It gives us some places to ask or share the problems:

As I write this, it also has 81 contributors: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/graphs/contributors


It may be not the best ad-block in the market. However, if you’re looking for an ad-block that’s fast, lean and go easy on your CPU and memory, I can say the uBlock Origin is the best choice for now.

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