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My experience with tool

Here’s my experience with Many days ago, someone asked me to build a photo editor app with Ruby. The app is simple. It will receive people’s photos and replace their backgrounds with promotional backgrounds. We decide to look for a tool to remove the original backgrounds. Then, we come across (link: and give it a try.

Easy to use tool

The online tool on their homepage is easy to use. Just upload one of your photos there. Then, you’ll see the result with a striped background.

No photo for testing? No problem. Just click one of the pictures below the upload form. There are some of them.

Fast processing time

I can get the result in seconds. Yes, in seconds. I haven’t found another tool to remove the photo background as fast as this one. If you have, then please let me know in the comment box below.

Accurate result

It removes the background accurately. We combine this tool with a solid background screen to take people’s photos. As I thought, with a solid background screen, the result is more accurate.

Easy to use API

Their background removal API is easy to use. Here are some ways to access it:

Since we build our app with Ruby, we use that remove_bg gem. The official one.

Fair pricing plans

There is a free plan too. We use it during the development phase for the first month. This plan gives 50 free image previews every month. We can call API 50 times per month using this plan.

The other plans are a  Subscription plan and  Pay as you go plan. The  Subscription plan seems cheaper for every image. However, both come with their terms. You can check  this page for more details.

Other features

Beside API integration, they also offer these features:

  • macOS/Windows/Linux native application

  • extension for Photoshop


If you’re looking for a tool or API to remove background photo that’s:

  • fast

  • accurate

  • cheap

  • easy to use

  • guarantee its quality

then, I recommend this tool as your best option.

But if you know a better tool than this one, please let me know.

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